About 10 years ago, I signed the card that came with my driver’s licence, allowing my organs to be donated when I die. I couldn’t see any good reason not to because no matter what the after life turns out to be, I’m certain it won’t be filled with the few hundred people who cryogenically froze their remains. I was sent a follow up card from the government recnetly asking a couple of additional specialty questions.

Apparently they wanted to know what drugs I might have taken recreationally because they’ve been looking for brains with that kind of internal wear and tear. I’m pretty sure my acid habit from the 90s qualified me as gold member. The second question was whether I’d like to have my conciouness saved to the cloud, where science would one day be able to use it for somthing. I checked yes eagerly. To me, this seemed far more plausable than freezing my body. I’ve always been somewhat of a philisophical thinker and love experiments of the mind.

I invisioned my brain sitting in some jar with green fluid in a lab as scientists study what happens with they probe.

What actually ended up happening is a far more fascinating story. As I write this journal entry, I am officially dead. The after life isn’t what I expected, but it’s pretty cool. There are a lot of people here, and I’ve made a few really good friends. This particular after life is actually man made, and it contains a lot of the same things my old life used to, but without all the annoyances of real life, like pain and sickness, and chores.

You can wash dishes if you want, but you don’t have to. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lawnmower.

Let me describe how this all happened. It was two weeks ago, on Thursday afternoon. I have no memory of how I actually died, and they have a strict rules of not letting me interact in any way with the world I left behind. To everyone I ver knew, I’m dead and gone. In fact, I’m not actually certain how long ago it was that I died. 

I was nothing, and then suddenly some comforting tones. A womans voice speaks to me. It’s not quite human, but it has more inflection than the computer voices of my generation.

“Hello. Welcome new citicen.  Today is an exciting day for you. The first day of your second life. Do not be alarmed that you have no sense of touch or sight at that time. I am Tarren and I will be your welcoming liason and guide. I think youre giung to like it. Please wait a moment while your community group is being revived.

You are entering this new wold in a small group of 6. All of you are from Ontario Canada and will speak the same language and you all died withink te last 10 years. I would first like to explain, your conciousness was removed from your body at death and transferrinto a mainframe here at Linden Labs. I understand this may not be the final destination some of you had been promied.

You will be introduced to your new home and envuornment shortly, but pease understand you are being revived in an emergency situation, approximately 230 years ahead of our inital plan. We managed to save almost every brain we had archived, but you won’t have an actual 3d Interactive body.

We have created a custom bult universe inside a massive computer for you to live interactivly with all the other resedents. Although the power and abilities are absoltly mind bongling, the graphics are still only 2019, so you’ll have some adjustments to make.

Week 1 is oritation and disgital therapy while our therpists and hosts teach you how to walk, and get around. It will be a learning curve harder for some than others but I think you’ll find this new second life can be better in many ways than your first one. 

The tones set off again, and my awareness of the universe I am now a resident of start to appear before me. It is a bit dissapoting at first. I am living in what essentially looks like a video game. To each side of me, I see what kind of looks like a typical conference room. The group of us are all standing equal distance apart from each other facing forward. We can see their bodies and clothing but no faces yet.

At the front is Tarren.

Hi. I’m Tarren. Your brain is adjusting to it’s new environment, In a moment, you will begin to move a little at first, but within a minute or two, you should be able to move your heads and legs and look around the room. It will feel weird, and it may not be smooth at first but you should be able to walk now. You may not be too stable. Don’t worry if you bump into somebody else, or a wall.

You will notice you have no feeling of touch. That will be among the greatest shortcoming to overcome. The sensation of no sensations is a very weird thing to adjust to, but just like everything else, our brains work it out in time. Usualy about 4 to 5 days.

I will activate your voice shortly, but we’ve found the initail tutorial works best if we don’t let you talk just yet. I promise that will come very soon.

Secone Life is a universe created entirely by the residents who reside here. This means, unlike the universe in the real solid world, things here are all just computer software. This is a world made up 100% from imagination, and this wonderful fact allows for things beyond your dreams. Today, you have all been fitted with unique, but reasonably generic bodies however it is important to note, these are just the ones we have given you to allow you the freedome to walk, talk and explore the level one area for newcomers. In this reality, not only do you have the choice to create a look and style just your own, but that freedom extends to every detail of your new self.

If you would like to carry on existance as a frog in a meadow or a teridactal flying in the ancient past with a wing span of 40 feet you are free to do so. As a dinasaur, you may choose to continue to speak English and still hang out at the local Tim Hortons inside one of our communities. Initially, during your orientation week, we have provided homes for each of you. Why don’t we start there. It’s easier to adjust to a life closer to what we remember.

Suddenly, the walls of our waiting area vanish, and we’re all standing in a beautiful green park. I can’t really describe how odd the feeling is to you, because even if you’ve played games before, living inside one as as myself is pretty neat. A few of us have learned to jump and run. The physics seem pretty similar to my human self. 

Since you are all computer simulated people in this world, but with the emotions and feelings of your real self complete with memories, there are a few major differences I’ll discuss first.

You don’t need to eat.
You don’t need to excercise or watch your weight.
You don’t need to pee or poo, although if you miss that experience, the option is available.
You won’t get sick.
You won’t die, even if you paracute out of a plane without putting on a paracute.

There are still rules, and people can be punished or banished for being assholes.

We just celebrated our 16th year, and many of the habitants have been here creating this world. There are recreations of many landmarks and activities and most are open to the public. I’ll be showing you how to transport between regions, and our huge index. Think of it like a huge retirement community with organized entertainment you can partake in, or ignore.

Tuesdays you can becomes a 27 year old attractive model and go dancing at a rave club in the mountains of Whsiter, and Wednesday you cn swap into your 63 year old retired golf player and play a round of golf with a foursome from Egypt, Australia, NewFoundland and Ontario. Mine golf, or a full 18 holes.

You can sit in the stands and watch a sporting event, or join a team when you master the new skillset of virtual sports. Board games with friends at 4am or Chess with strangers from another region. People are attending churches and schools and wrestling matches. 

It never really was my thing befire I died or since, but a lot of people seem to enjoy finding a nice beach and fishing off the dock, or taking a boat out in through the islands.  Your avatar is whatever you desire but many of the activities are actually scripted activities, so many actions are automated. You know how to Watch and Line dance and waterski and swim.

Oh yeah. We don’t breath, so staying underwater is quite ok. There are several wonderful attractions with beautiful sealife and mermaids. I owned a pet fish named Eric in my aquarium for a while. Cats, dogs, riding and racing horses are everywhere. 

Warewolves, Vampires, Robots and dolls are among the other non-human characters you’ll meet. Some areas are as foreign as the Cantina bar in the Star Wars universe, without the budget.

Its as strange or normal as you like.

Did I mention you can fly?

Try it. Just jump into the air.

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