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New idea. Creative writing club meets in SL every night and creates a story to share. Like sketch comedy in the alternate universe. 

A writer’s room and guided tour if something unexpected set.

It can use green screen live and superimpose yourself into the SL universe.

 You could use the good ones streamed as commercials for my main SL idea.

Magrathea customer built universes.


Imagine if tv shows let a new guest writer each week. 

In SL, the whole universe of imagination can become a reality to visit and perhaps live in.

The stories could become the base of a TV channel for Plex and all the Chanel’s streamers. A 100% alternate universe streaming channel. An MTV style hosted show of short stories or videos created by creative people. 

I have many friends in the convention and cosplay demographic. I am too.

I would believe a lot of these fans who meet each year, could still hang out and play a game every night, week, month or whenever.

I’ve seen people who hang out on Kik or any other social media all night. The alternate universe just adds a level of imagination 

I live alone and am not good at meeting people, or women. 

I don’t do well alone. I know for a fact there are people like me of every age who chose to ignore sex. 

In the alternate universe, I am the Jeff I want to be. A mixture of awkward but funny. I’m not perfect. I still say the wrong thing all the time, but I’m high, do I don’t dwell.

The memories and stories are as real as if I’d left the house. Real people, with a face and style they approve of. It’s an ideal universe.

If you let it be.

I believe that second Life is the first if what will be the next level of our evolution. People will be living in custom built universes in bigger numbers, but I know a lot more than I expected are doing it now.

Making extra bucks, to a full time wage living 24 / 7 online simultaneously in both universes.

Some made it rich.

Nobody is promoting it, partly because so probably won’t be able to handle a real success.

However, imagine this. A single store, person or group can buy their own compatible universe. A recreation of absolutely anything you want for up to 40 0eople, or bigger venues.

Role playing.

Virtual weddings

Organized dates.

Ding. The hardest part of dating, is the first contact. The audition. The first impression. I don’t really do that in any romantic way. On SL I do, but even when I don’t, going to singles events in the alternate universe is something I’m quite good at.

I knew this. I’m a great guy. A catch. You just have to be the one that feels me in because I’ll flop around trying to get back in the ocien.

In SL, I’d like to see premade tour dates.  

I really think localizing sales and marketing to small communities is a good deal. Creations could even just be sold as videos or a community with pages for all the shows.

So cooking show.

Sl tour and travel.

sL real estate shows.

But I absolutely love the idea of writing from the perspective that each avatar is a real person who died, and had their brains transferred into SL as it is. Real avatar people playing in the game as their real universe. 

Tron style.

Or, all the characters could be puppeted on a green screen and hang out in our world. I might try that in a minute… After this show I’m not watching.

I put my hand inside the toilet


I would hang out every night in a clubhouse, or a custom built cheers.

It could use real money.

Custom built locations of your store, theatre, library in an alternate universe.

It is literally a great deal of fun couples dancing with a nice stranger. I’d rave with real friends.

90scrave with DJs would attract crowds  but with challenges. Hunts and games to mingle you. 60 year old Asian men with 25 year old women in Australia or whatever. We’re all 27 in that universe if we chose.

All the 40 year 9kd ravers from the 90s could reunite at recreate their favourite raves right down to the playlist.

Virtual pets.

Be a pet service.

The sex clubs could have after hours club.

Clubhouses and basements to hang out in groups of 8 or less. 

You could live in any ditcome, show, movie or book. You and 40 or less strangers could become friends living on a spaceship holodeck.

Imagine 5 school friends being able to meet together in their favourite spot.

Seinfeld’s apartment or the friends central perk.

Imagine releasing a movie along with the characters as avatars to use as puppets.

Game night.

I would love to play cards against humanity once a week with creative people.

Or any game.

Murder mysteries.

Puppet universes.

Escape rooms

Games and game shows. Marketed to retailers outside the universe.  

I’m going to try green screen now.

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