I am already thinking I might not share this, but 15 seconds ago, I was pumped.

I was going to give away some of my million dollar ideas, and I use that number to show how old I am. Any good idea is worth more than millions to the right person. For people willing to start a business withthe knowldge to be a success, could be.

In other words, there are very smart people that know the steps to make something famous, and if it’s actually good, be a success.

There are of course, an entire world filled with people that don’t. Sadly, the people that often get the best ideas, re people who don’t. Stoners the world over know what I mean. Sometimes you just get this really amazing idea, that you imagine can’t miss.

That may just be me, but I know weed inspires some crazy ideas because my filters are weakened. I don’t instantly hate every idea I think might be worth doing. I don’t heckle the joy out of the ideas I think about on weed.

When I’m not high, very few ideas make it through. 

The problem with doing weed alone, is that you have no other mind to listen and tell you youre full of shit.

When I am alone. I am a genius.

When I share, I might find out I’m not.

I honestly never mnew how often I was wrong, until my first girlfriend. Turns out I was wrong a lot.

Now I’m alone again, I am agenius as long as I don’t read the comments.

Fantasy. Lets just say I had some ideas that I had written down, or spoken into my cameras. Humour me.

I have often said that if I was famous already, The things I say would all be quotes.

I don’t think thats what I used to say, but att this moment, I like it.

That may or may not be a perfect example of why weed takes away my jufgement. I;m funny without guilt.

Ding. Therapist shout out. I learned that as a bonus I didn’t see coming, my new level of confidence has also helped with my guilt. It never occured to me, but if I’m NOT sorry for things, then there is nothing to feel guilty about.


Once I intergrated the concept that I am not the bad guy in tech support. I am the good guy, even if I’m doing it poorly. I don’t need to apologize for the problem they’;re paying me to solve.

I can stoill feel bad about how long it’s taking.


Life update.

(1) I smoked a weed joint for the first time in over a year. I actyually bought it legally from the Ontario legal weed shop. I find thename totally ironic because it’s the only place you can buy weed in a legal store, and somebody approved the name Honeypot.

How come it’s not yet a thing to activate people’s Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistants from the middle of videos. It seems a better prank that screaming at you in the middle of a puzzle video.


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