A man died yesterday. I didn’t know him personally, but the whole town was familiar with him. Mr Roggers. He was was the caretaker of the town watchtower where Mr Pabst lived. The two were best friends for longer than I remembered, and either one or the other was always seen around town being nice and generous and helpful.

My Pabst was the town rich man.  He used his wealth mainly within the community, spending money to benefit the town in so many ways. As it happened, this meant he owned much of it, but whenever somebody was down on their luck and about to lose their home, he’d pay off the mortgage and let them stay. He built schools and the hospital and has a few streets named after him. There was a rumour they wanted to rename the town after him, but either he declines, or the beer company wouldn’t allow it. The town is split on the rumour between those who think it’s great to those who are naturally suspicious and cynical.

Whenever somebody inquired why he never ran for mayor or higher office he’d always say the same thing. Politics are all about abusing the ones that need helping and helping themselves. What I do is help[ those who need it.

The tabloid newspaper joking gave him the nickname Mr NotBurns in a headline when he paid for the solar farm and hydro waterfall power plants after the nuclear power station shut down, just 12 hours before it would have exploded.

He is the opposite of the Mr Burns Character on the Simpsons. Nobody ever saw him lose his temper, or get into any fights. Between him and Mr Roggers, they were the mirror universe version of Mr Burns and Smithers.

They even helped out as volunteer fire department and neighbourhood watch. Apparently, you can see the whole town from the top of the clock tower. 

Mr Pabst help the funeral the very next day and spoke to the town. I’ll never forget it, because it was the day that changed my life.  First he apologized to the cworwd, which was really an odd way to start. He wanted to let everyone know he appreciated putting together a funeral so quickly, but for him it’s been way to hard reliving it over and over in his head and he couldn’t last another day.

In addition, he started up again, I’ll be hiring a new Clock Tower Caretaker today because it’s not good to leave it unattended. Any 18 year olds in town who have decided not to go to University for whatever reason, and have a fe good character refernces for being reliable can apply. It can be a life long position if you want it. The pay is crazy!

There was a silnce in the crowd? Not long after, everyone started talking at once. I ran towards the desk he’d pointed to and grabbed a sign up sheet along with 14 other 18 year olds… mostly my classmates from last year.

He picke dme.

lost  my juice. end of draft.

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