I took a bunch of pictures for a group of friends that didn’t speak English. Once I proved myself to be friendly, understanding and safe, each of the ladies in the group handed me their phones freely.

One after another, these shy old ladies each handed their phones over to me, a scruffy bum like man but with a huge friendly (high) smile, I had won their trust with the thing most precious to them, one after another. Even the shy ones have in and handed it over. I could rate them all based on their phones, but that would be unfair, so I’ll only think those things.

I made a joke, because that’s what I do. Too bad none of you know how to share. In hindsite, I can’t decide if the silence that followed was because they hadn’t heard it,or be ayse they heard it.

Perhaps a bit if both.

I got that yes yes smile that foreigners have learned to rest in, as in I have no idea what they’re saying, but as long as neither if us are assjoles we got it.

Most of what we say could be summed up with a nod.

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