I can’t seem to find a perfect on screen keyboard for my phone. Many come close, but they still irritate me at times. I used to use SwiftKey, which was a paid app. This past year I’ve been using Gboard which is Google’s own keyboard app. 

I occasionally get mad at its auto correct and move on to something else. This week I played with the Android Grammarly keyboard which offers a higher level of spell checking and grammar. On my windows machines, it’s an invaluable resource but on the Android platform, it takes over the whole keyboard and lacks the features I’m familiar with.

I’m finding the best of the two involves Gboard and the Grammarly Chrome extension. This means I’m forced to blog using a non-Chrome browser since Google has yet to include extension support on its phone version of Chrome. Yandex does. I just have to trust a Russian browser for blogging, and I’m not certain I do.

The problem I’ve having with this newly updated Gboard is the manual selection for the suggestion bar. When I type a word incorrectly and a version of the correct word appears on the suggestion bar, it doesn’t seem to accept it. Often times it either completely ignores my press, or it changes the word to something totally unrelated.

I’ll try to find an example and offer pictures but it’s usually to late to show what it’s done after the fact.

I am using the built in Google search to see if the world has comments. A good feature if this keyboard.

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