I have not yet given them what they asked for. A timeline of services to do and to expect. It keeps changing. But now I can. I’m done. Sort of. It resolved the troubleshooting periods anyway. Which is the important one. I am finally confident I can do what is needed to connect everyone in the office from Microsoft exchange server to the Google GSuite cloud network, and in the process, have an unlimited cloud server for myself as well.

There was a lot of stress about this. It involved a lot of things I didn’t know how to do that hit my insecurity buttons both literally and figuratively. I’ve never been to worried about security but with this job, I had to worry about the customers security.

I stumbled. I failed. I almost ran away several times but I knew it wasn’t as hard as I imagined and I remembered I’m good at troubleshooting. I’m even better when correctly medicated.

So I did it. It’s not done, but the learning experiment part is.

I even learned a few tricks the Google support team didn’t.

I’m feeling good about today. It must be a Monday.

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