I’m doing well. I’m smiling. I’m finding hoy as I look around me at the people, and spring emerging.

I’m doing well. I’m working on a project,vand although I had some drawbacks, I know I’m liked, and trusted. I know I can do this . I know I won’t fail.

I have failed, but I don’t like that word. I have hot a few stumbling road blocks, but none were serious. I’m dealing with a computer problem I don’t have direct experience with. A proprietary system, and that’s fine. I’m the hired expert and I will succeed. People will be pleased.

Nobody is angry or dusssponyed today and I have to remember. To chant silently in my head failure isn’t a bad thing. It’s all part of the learning process.

It’s ok to not be perfect.

It’s ok tonor be perfect.

Nobody expected me to be perfect.

Except me.

I am my enemy, but I’m getting better.

I watch my wording. I don’t talk about failures. I talk about progress. I talked about my sales lessons. You try to close, hit an objection, solve it and try to close

Once I get one done, I’ll be set.

It’ll be repetition. I’ll be the hero.

That’s the current plan. Tomorrow is day 3 of the process,

Still, I can’t help but feel a bit down. Today it didn’t end in smyers. Didn’t end in success. It felt like a fail. I rather silly fail. I blame the meds and that helps.

Food will help.

…it did. I mapped, bit it still looks. It pops up during commercials. Sadness. 


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