2:27 in

Two distinct storylines begin. A female archiologist leads her team in a cave as smooth and powdery as a set. She sees a dead end and declairs it’s a door and then reaches into the set, er, rock and says this is where the lever would go. Sets her tone. A whoosh if mytetious ghost air….. 

Cut to the other woman who is pin her arviological dig when the bad guys intruot and blog up a pyramid.

30 second logo appears .Theme music and the show begins.



John laroqutte. Yes. 


Her name on Anna casteo.

Blond ex FBI says no.

Laroquette makes plea, throws money. He says yes.

Third woman seems like a con artist thef 

She is now his partner.

Reminds me of the other show where fbohires art theif. white Collar.

I see. It’s a sexual tension buddy show with a dash of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider.

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