It is a goal to be able to blog when I’m this high, but still have the quality be at least …

I paused. I deleted. I didn’t know how to end that sentence.

Hi. My name is Orange Jeff, and I’m high. Not very high, but quite high. I smoke a very tiny amount of a THC suibstance called wax… or butter… or shatter.. or concentrate, or honey… They’re all basically the early names of the various types of THC concentyraes.

insert video here.

I won’t.

I should.

I will.

I am…

I did, at least in part. 

I did a thing.

For the last several years, while writing, I have had the need for certain symbols. The degree symbol is one example. Although i is easy in some situatioins to superscript a small O and use it as a degree symbol…

I JUSt realized that in the moment I was about to write it’s easy in some programs to select the o from the Symbols menu on the toolbar. As I write this, I realize in fact, that option might be in every program I use… and yet, I never use it.

Another symbol I want to use all the time is: ½

There are sevarl places I would use the 1/2 every day and — I pauise and laugh.  That was one right there and I did it without evening thinking.

I don’t remember the code. It’s an Ascii code.  I also don’;t remember the syntax to enter a code.

So I do what I do:

“Ok Google. What is the ascii code for “half”.

In the ,oment before she (The Google assiatnt’s defult voice) can answer, I say inside my head; “Ha;lf Eddie. HALF”: which is a ine I tend to say almsot every time I hear the word half.


  • OCD List
  • Fabricland, Farbricland
  • Half Eddie, HALF

OK Google replies by not only telling me the ascii code, but aso how to get it. I type it, get it to display, and then foegt instantly so that next time, I type 1/2 or 42 degrees.

It is one of the weird intentional blocks. Things we refuse to remember for unknown reasons, like how to spell nessesary, or phyciatrist or phsicist. I have lots of them I notice every time I struggle or haveb to look it up. I litereally (used correctly) use the word required in all my writing in places where nesessary wopuld be far more appropriate because I refuse to — poor word choice. I seem to never “get around to it” and don’t use it.

Perhaps it’s an actual chemical thing. You learned it wrong when you were 4 and can’t overwrite that memory woth the right answer. Perhaps there was some embarrasment related to that mis-spelling that scared the brain and scar tissue is not reparable. It could act like a read only memory.

I have a theory that our cells store memories, not just in our brain, but in ever cell in our bodies, and the blood stream is like a forklift in a warehouse.

When you remember the arc of the covenant, your blood calls or that crate, but it’s not in your brain. It’s in your shoulder with all the other religious or pop culture references, depending on who yoou are.


DO IT: I always ighnore that errors. Is there a case fixer in WordPress.



(I totally forgot what I was looking for)



Its the way I’m laying on the bed.

(do it: getting pic.

Taken Live as Typed

I forgot what I was saying.

In therapy this week, (flashed thought of whether this would be good if I read it as a monologue in my bar in SL.)

In therapy we briefly discussed How I sabotage my successes.

I’m happy with the struggle and getting better

I don’t want to be better

I don’t want to be better

I don’t want to be afraid to be me, and risk —


do it —

What is the actors name who played George Kastanza. I have almost remembered it a few tiumes. It’s close.

In my head, I visualize his carrer. The reason I was thinking…. almost had it.

The origin is because I remembered him; JASON ALEXANDER.

I didn’t use Google.  I asked myself his name, and it had to come in from memoru cells in my left should, but I broke it a decade ago, and it means certain names are slower to arrive in my brain.

This is what I was looking for:

DO IT FIRST: Have to get Gifly plugin.

Before I forget; Jason Alexander’s RISK speach.

WOW That was nice. I forgot it did that. I just pasted a URL and bango it poped up without any module or plugin or coding.

I think I remember where I was.

I don’t go DO THINGS despite knowing I can love it.  I dont take th erisk.

9pm. Starting to get sleepy and more — less — no good typing me.

It was a cheap way out of a sentence fake it worse than yuu were and they’ll laugh, not judge.

A cheat.

Aaaadn we’re bnack. The upload is not quite ready yet.

One of the things I want to do better at.

ding. I almot said be better at. That is a growth moment. I don’t want to be better. I want to do better.

I used to want to be better, when really all I needed was to know how good I was.

Issue: I believe my writing is #prideworthy and #shareworthy but I am afraid.
I have nothing to base my opinion of my own work on.
I am terrified I am wrong.

Clowns may tell you different but the people who like to creqate laughter the most
might just be the ones who are hurt most by ity when misplaced.

I want to create joy with my writing
Perhaps more I want to be praised within that joy


I lost my spacebar. How odd.

I remember the scene in Seinfeld where he reaches into the tip jar to retriev his tip, so he can re-tip when somevbody wwas watching.

I remember agreeing with bhim in that the point of a tip was lost if they didn’tr know you did it. I recieved such little praise, I saught it out anywhere. I have always tried to tip jut a little mpore than expected. A teeny bit above the norm.

That’s me.

What is normal? I’m that +1.  Perhaps a +1¾

That took way to much work. Can I change my answer?  3/4 is fine. Writing degress takes us less time.

I’ve always used this exacuse as an answer. Not all fonts will see special symmbols.

Today, whole sets of animals are standardized on keyboard and screens.


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