Today felt like a regular work day. Left the office after 5 with mostly happy successes. My mood was stable and confident and didn’t waver even though I’m working off only about 20 Herseys kisses for the whole day. I don’t get hungry when I’m working and in an office environment I don’t even think k about food or music. I’m in a community of people I get along with, and I do my job.

I could do it every day, and in fact I probably will for at least a week more. 

The project itself is slow because I have to learn how to do every step and try not to miss important bits. Tomorrow is my first official migration. From start to finish, a timed experiment in instruction and remote access conversion. Of I knew exchange better I could probably do it all overnight from remote but I didn’t learn that, do I’ll need each person to instigate support from their desktop by hand before I take over. That is the experiment tomorrow.

Poor choice if words. Tomorrow is my first official migration. If I remembered everything correctly, and made a list, it should be du0licatable to the other 8 machines in Michigan. At least they’re all Windows.

Tonight I will read how to do it on the 3 Mac machines. I don’t hate Macintosh computers.i just don’t use them do my expertise in windows doesn’t help and I have to look and lookup to learn. Having the close x on the other side is a minor example of something my brain refuses to adapt to.

I will say I like the way the mac installs software. It’s very polite in its guidance and even Ask if I’d like to trash the installation software when I’m done. I wish windows for that. Most people have download folders filled with years of install programs on their windows machines and a great fear that won’t let them delete anything. Many font even have an identifiable name.

I will say that commuting by public transit might be a good reason to take up reading. Or continue writing. Maybe I’ll even start writing more fiction.

My stop has arrived… Till tomorrow…

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