I have blogged a lot in the past, and sometime as the chatcater Orange Jeff, but more recently, while a big high, I decided it might be novel to have Orange Jeff blog from within this Universe.

I am literally typing this as … Oh now I’ve ruined it all.

I’m streaming live to YouTube although I forget whether I set it to be viewiable or not.

I was pondering the other day, which of my business ideas I should consider doing first, when suddenly it hit me. I keep telling about Second Life as an alternate Universe where some people literally live and work and date and marry and earn a healthy income.

I seem to only come here when I’m high, and I have not really been enjoying it as much, because I’m trying harder to live a better real life. 

Still… every time I toke a little weed, or a dab of shatter, I come back to the obvious idea. Starting a business is hard, costly and a lot of work. I’m already decided I won;t like that.

however, I might be able to practice it in this universe.

Tonight however, I think I might try some fiction.

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