Get high and…

It’s your fault

Cards against humanity

Spontanious talk show

character roll play sitcoms

expert on… a new game I just invented.

We all sit at a table and a topic is pulled from a hat. The host picks up a micrtophone, turns to anyone and says; Mr SNobwilly. I understand you are considered the bworld formost expert opn… blank.


That petrson must then take the mic and talk about that item as if he is an expert without being silly or repeating or stumbling with um words,.

EVeryone else must listen and may interup if they have cause. An error, a stall or a factual challenge. They then become the expert and continue btalking with no repeats. When the timer goes off whoever is speaking get to be the next host.

Bonus side games can be created if you have a character traiet peole try to guess, or if you managed to use your secret word without anyone catching it.

This could translate well to chatrooms and phone calls.

Points arelost if they decline to take the challenge.

It’s your fault.Whoever says it first starts the game. At any time.

Whoever you say it to must then create a reply that passes the blame onto you, without saying whatever it was you’re being blamed for.

Each turn must be previous in time, and pass the blame because; if it was not for this, I would not have been able to that.


Its your fault.

ahhh. no. Youre the one that left the fridge open. It’s clearly your fault.

Yes, but the fridge is open because the one you bought doesn’t fit where the old one does, so the door doesnt actually stay.

ding. loss.

The point of the game is that everything said, not matter how obsurd, is the btruth. It happened as described and you are not alowed to say it didn’t. In my example, I was about to say the door didn’t stay closed, but that broke the timeline.

bad example made it worse.

It’s your fault.

No way man. you were the one that insisted on purple. It’s your fault.

Yes. I can see how it looks. I did insist on purple. I am purple obsessed. Ever since I went to that circus and your gypsy sister told me I was cursed and would die one day wearing red and green. It’s not my faulty. It’s your fault.

Look friend. I never told you this, but Your father opaiud me $75 to take you to that curcus. He was paying all your friends to like you. It’s his fault.

Well he wouldn’t have to if you hadn’t written that tell all novel about me. I blame you.

etc etc etc.

Blame to any relative is your fault. I have played this game with friends for hours. It gets hard because all turns must make sense, and not repeat.

Loser can’t think or msses up.

Groups can pass blame around but it makes it even harder to remember what fictional familes might have been used.

I like games of the mind. Not sports. not puzzles so much.

Idea. There are soooo many chatrooms online and they all have the same basic flaw. Peole are dull.

Imagine how much more successfuil chatrooms would be, if they were hosted with scheduled activities.

Discussions, sermons, games.

I want to create a chatroom with chat playable games at preset times.

People need more forced interaction of a non sexual naturte.

It can’t just be me.

You are given a short joke, and asked to tell it in a two minute story. You must stats the punchline when the timer goes off. Your openent is a heckler that asks questions about your story.

He will stall you but you must time the punchline anyway without being rude.

Door improv. One player on each side of the door.

Kock and see how long you can interact by only asking questions.

A new person enters a chat room and you are conversing with the group about a new item you just bought. Talk with room as long as you can in details without saying what it is. They can guess.

ENter a talk show set and be interviewed by another player who will be asking questions meant for another player. Answer truthfully iof you can as if you are them. Try to guess or make that person laugh or object.

Product infomerial testimonials from a hat.

Show a picture from somebody’s private gallery and have the entir room claim it as theirs and tell an elborately detailed story about what the photo is and how you have iot. EVeryone gives one poiunt  for favourite and one point to who they think is the real owner.

Drug roulette. One person is extra dosed and first one to guess wins.

Recreational hypnosis can be fun.

pausenblog classic movies. Stop it before famous scenes and see who can recite the words perfectly.

You can buss in at any time and declare how many words you can recite without error.

Try to quit and have your boss explain why each reason is unacceptable. Objections denied.

In a circle, everyone must state a random fact or trivia that nobody else knows.

Film them.

Film Everything

Describe movie subplots and give them a story ending.

I’m done. Sleep awaits.

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