My idea for the moment.

Everyone needs a good community. A group of friends to share ideas and do stuff with. People who care about you and keep you distracted and fun on a lonely evening. Everyone, but specially awkward singles of any age. I propose an online community idea that could be done easily and cheaply but benefit a whole lot of people.

This proposal was written on weed with excitement. Not everything may be as genius as I believe right now, but I can’t deny there are parts of genius in this idea. I’m looking for help.

The single most popular website in my personal collection contains 10 simple scripts I wrote when I was 16. They are not particularly impressive in any way except that they can be performed by two or 3 beginners in almost any environment on any stage, and I give them away free.

I use the words free public domain sketch comedy skit scripts. No royalty. No fees. Free to change, edit, cast or rewrite as needed to fit your situation.

People from all over the world type these words in, and not much comes up.

I have 10. Imagine if I had 100 and room requests.

My scripts have been performed all over the world for over 20 years by people in every country and culture. The TIE and The Guinea PIG and The Opening have been filmed and performed more than any and I just love hearing it helped somebody.

That is today’s website idea. Instant comedy scripts for use in schools, churches, parties, old folks homes, cruise ships, cottages, or anywhere more than 5 people gather together over an evening or two.


Fun, non-political, no opinions or topics. Skits. Available in any language for free.


We let strangers write them.  Couple two people together at 8pm EST and 4am EST into small groups. They will be given a topic and optionally a character. They then say something in text, and the other person reacts.

They chat a script, live.

Then they save it, keyword tag it, and add it to the search library where members can read it, use it, rate it, or rewrite parts of it and add to the page.

THose characters can be re-used and mix match authors as many times as they like till 2 hours have passed.

Scripts cannot be paid for but creative people can market themselves on their page.

A free script exchange.

Plagiarism should not be a huge issue because these are strangers put together. You can read the scripts and invite those you liked to write with you.

We could also represent custom scripts for events.

We could match partners together for big projects like shows or movies and the community could hold lectures or classes or tours, even volunteer to help volunteer like community theatre, or sponsored professionals.

Hands-on Stand up comedy training and a tour contract in SL or RL

People could advertise their skills in art design, set design, filming, editing. A huge co-op matching people who want to create with people who want to write. YouTube Matchmaking. Pick a budget and 100 people willing to help will appear interested in being a part of a project.

Work with colleges and universities to provide real-world use of resources to benefit all parties. Make deals to create commercials for product. Creative a review channel and create reviews in characters.

The quality of online commercials is pitiful but the quantity is worse. When I watch network TV online, I get 4 commercials an hour, played 17 times each, often 3 times in a row. Network Television and online streaming is begging for entertaining advertisements.

The movie CRAZY PEOPLE is about a bunch of crazy people in an institution that creates a successful advertising company out of being totally different. Most stoners have thought up crazy TV commercial ideas but never make them because they’re stoned.

Imagine if you could hire a group to come to your basement, get stoned and then create a video project with you. 

TV SHow idea: We should do a show about that. Each week we pick a stoner pitch video submission and we create a pilot episode all with volunteers who have done it before… and stoner friends.

We could create and rent studios to vapour lounges in either universe or both simulcast. Creative people love to be creative but often can’t without a team or motivation. We can provide you with a hobby and skill and income from your home. All you need is an orange T-shirt, available from our store… or anywhere for $3.

A hub for public television online. Broadcast 247 the scripts performed or TV shows created. Write a news show. Write a sitcom. Write a drama or science fiction thriller and somebody might make it, or want to.

A script writing and performing community with free access to the scripts for anyone to use, anywhere, any time… and maybe join the community.

Characters that are popular can start to branch out and be involved in other people’s ideas. Cross characters could be valued. People could tour.

Communities have buying power. Communities have voting power.

There should be free Orange Shirt shows at every con. Star Trek parodies or other genre skits.

I would LOVE to gain rights to old TV shows to allow people to write new scripts and perform live or streaming. Imagine if Fraiser or Friends or any show allowed fan fiction officially and even resold episode scripts to community theatre and groups.

Your office Christmas party could be on the Enterprise or hanging with Mel on the Firefly. Existing video bloggers would all want to check it out at least once. We could market ideas for bloggers who are running dry on being entertaining day after day.

Syndicate content almost like radio DJ’s do. They can use lists and topics provided by a service.

Imagine if your Church did a game show from TV instead of bingo. Filmed or performed. Volunteer or sponsored.

You could even organize entire events planned out like The Trueman show where people play a role or character in real-world situations. 

We might organize a trip to an Amusement park or performance or museum but we attend in our characters and save anything funny, creating scripts all night long just by sitting and talking to each other in text. Like a murder mystery party but in public, writing.

Imagine an old west scene or the deck of a Starship and everyone is rock solid, playing a character. Like a holodeck but with actors making it up as they go along. Available to watch, or use as a script to suit your Wedding reception needs.

Corporate bonding retreats. Irate customer training, performed in script form. You are not allowed to break character but be aware it’s a script you’re writing.

Editing is allowed but not always needed.

Bad scripts could be assisted and people would get better.

You can show your portfolio but it remains public domain if posted online.

The site only needs to payhosting, but ad revenue could be good.

I could see this becoming a party trick, but also a dating idea. First dates with a person completely made up, performing a play or skit could be quite fun.

Bars may have theme nights and assign you a character on entry. You may request a seasoned host to join and keep the flow or work with a preselected or spontaneous party. Imagine a dinner party where people are constantly going for punchlines rather than depth. It could be fun.

It could end in hot anonymous sex too.

Theme night at the sex club.

Now… the bonus.  It can be done in both universes. This one, and the artificial custom built universe online from computer or cell or Oculus VR. Most of my businesses can be created in this universe and a custom one I can sell access to. The custom universe can make being a different person much easier. You can even be a cat that talks and hosts a talk show.

note. I love that idea in SL.

Post an idea and maybe somebody will join and make it happen.

As with all my ideas, they start small and free but have the potential to gain fans and followers and profit from a community.

I have aklways wanted to know if I could be funny in a writers room.

The virtual writers room.  http://jumpinchat/livescripting

A side room for playing writing games. It’s Your Fault is an improve scriptwriting game.

Dreams can come true and everyone needs a good community, in either this universe or the practice easy universe custom made.

Imagine selling a weed lounge a second location open 24 hours designed for wed smokers and offering 24 7 rooms of stoner-friendly entertainment with live fun hosts and stoned audience on weed.

Pay rooms for the crackheads, smackheads, etc etc. Drug friendly friends and dates on drugs in either universe. Pay for 1 hour or 2 hour guided entertainment trips. In SL, drugs can be included. In this universe, I won’t mention that aspect. Weed is legal in Canada.

Teachers could mark and tutor.

We could even train people on how to be a flea market or trade show barker. Oooo. Trade show talent agency and writers. WOW. Trade shows need writers and spontaneous reactors. Improv comedians.

Clown scripts for birthday parties

Magic patter scripts

Pick a store-bought magic trick and have the crowdsource write your patter. You could have one or two in reserve that blows away pulling a quarter out of your grandson’s ear.

Old jokes retold writing. Some old jokes are good enough to be skits scripts.

Regular variety shows on YouTube and other social media and syndicated as content for other shows.

Character-based travel and review shows. A character could be filmed talking about anything from soup to a car show to a movie, gadget, or even another member.

Topical humour public domain might be hard because lots of comics will think of the same joke, and be accused of stealing. It happens a lot. 


The cool thing is, I could create this in a short time with existing tools, now. All I need is some interest and a project manager.

Or two. On per reality.

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