I have an idea.
If a cell phone vibrates because of a mechanism, it would follow that it’s vibration is a consistent movement from one point to another is acreoeatingvseqyence.

If we were to Tim at the appropriate frame rate, we would see the motion. If we witness it at a slightly off frame rate it might appear to be either here or there. A little slower and there might appear to be multiple copies.

If you’ve ever played with your hands in a strobe light or watched a car wheel appear to be going backwards or not at all, you understand the vibrations appear inany different ways.

They are a constant repeating predictable rhythm. Indeed, as I understand it, everything in our universe has a different vibration. A frequency of the frame rate between here and there as every atom moves.

Now, what happens to the cell phones rithym and consistency when you lay it on a table.

All order breaks loose and the object flies around the table like a hovercraft. The object is still consistent in it’s frequency, but it’s place in the universe is unpredictable.

The movement in the universe is separate from the objects own vibration.

Now remember the camera slowing down to watch the phone as it moves from the start of it’s loop. Except now, when we observe it, it isn’t where we expected it to be. To our instruments, we do not see the motion. We only see here or not. There or not over there or not. It dies not appear to be vibrating. We can only perceive it vanishing and reappearing in and out if our perception at rates beyobg comprehension.

We can map it, but it scatters and some appearance are farther apart than science has an answer.

Think how clicjky a vibrating phone can slide across a smooth table.

Think how fast a bar shuffleboard pick can slide across a Sandy waxed table.

Think how car your car vibrates when somebody drives by with giant speakers playing house music.

Now imagine an element of gas or light, except it’s vibration frequency is so wide, one atom appears and co exists with another one, in Australia.

Or Venus.

Or in the petri dish to your left.

You didn’t notice it moving till you turned on the light and looked, and as you did, it vanished and reappeared in the magicians pocket on a stage in Los Vegas. Neon is a relatively slow light. The object might just be vibrating but we see it as solid because our perception is under this light.

Change the light… The display frame rate and it’s in albakerkie or all three at once.

Thanks position if your head might be the visual eauivilant of the cell on the table.

All order is gone once we start trying to observe it’s position in the universe.

Frame rate.

Check the YouTube video where water goes up.

Is it possible I simplified the universe and connected the seen universe with the very small.

I solved it. Iuidnt that be wild.

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