What if weight is real. Objects have a weight. Gravity is not a fircecst all. It is mostly the vibration frequency that allows things to pass through our universe and not float.
Objects are heavier by mass and fall to ground because they have weight.

With force it momentum we can achieve life but we eventually fall.

Some things vibrate at a rate that doesn’t fall through air. It hangs in the air exactly the way bricks don’t, to quite Adams, but it makes sence.

Some sounds and smells can pass through walls.
X-rays can pass through objects but not all.

X-rays and radioactive substances are just vibrations atvavfreqyrncy that duscupts other objects like a cell phone and a table. It breaks up with the vibration like a brick in a dryer.

Things float in space or appear to have different gravitational pulls because if atmosphere.

Your ability to stand up is your frequency splitting through our atmosphere. A thicker atmosphere or a different spin would make it feel different just because the vibration, like trying to run in foot deep water or underwater.

All we need to fly is to change our frame rate to not be able to punch through whatever layer of air we need.

If we could learn to vibrate at higher speeds we could be on another works in one half blip.


A vibration could be faster than the speed of light but our oereption isn’t

Time doesn’t exist. It is now everywhere but the speed of light is our perception.

What if everything vibrated off away from it Dept outward, not just light.

What if what we see if the moon isn’t just the light of the sun bouncing like in our mirror datslite, but what if everything on the moon or other planets is repeating it’s vibrations through space, but we can only pwrcieve light and the frequencies if raddui and the elements.

If we retransfer thatvrefekection, there will be a moment when the repeating vibration bounced.

Like radio or light bouncing within our atmosphere, what if it all bounced?

If we could catch the bounce, maybe we could match the original frequency and turn a reflection into a solid. Our universe could be a reflection bounce of another

That one light day away, we create a global 3d printer that just adjusts the frequency and in a blink, a duplicate copy planet Earth appears from nowhere.

It is the vibration reborn. The Star trek teleporter duplicate theory, except we don’t kill the original.

Once it appears, it can move forward from that moment independent, or replaying our world depending on whether you left the projector on.

The orange block could literally move to any point outward into our universe along a beam of our echo back to earths first days, and slap a prism in the beam and start a new earth at that point.

Kill Hitler.

The milky way is all the same Galaxy, copied at different stages of our history.

Our block is like sliders except the discussions and changes happen whenever we stop to look at the beam.

A new universe is created with every question

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