I’m not sorry.

I do not regret today’s desision… But of course, I’d say that now, still under the influence of a euphoria I previous denied. I am euphoric and creative and excited. I have been writing all night.

My normal behaviour was to take some MDMA and try to find somebody to help me with my lifelong quest. The quest for my partner.

I try to go into business either with one of my top current tumbling ideas or a new high inspired dream business on E. Also on weed but tonight, on amphetamine not prescribed.

Because I have not shared, or even re-read much of this blog or this post, I can only conclude they are all flawless and genius.


Transit writing club

Improv script writing with friends with strangers.

You are given a setting or scene from a hat and 2 to 4 of you create an improv style no set script.

If it gets votes it becomes a part of the library.

Monologue catalogue.

Reading my blog


Commercial requests .public domain 

I wrote a lot about with excitement all night.

I wrote ideas that can be done.

Success within reach.

I approached a number of people who may be interested in business.

A hobby

A change.

A lifestyle change.

A community.

I have been finding ways to merge all my ideas into one community solution, simultaneously released as a community you can join and live in, simultaneously in two universes, making an income in each.

It gives all the benefits of a church without having to nod, wink and say you believe your God is the truth and the crazy shit that comes with religion. The bake sales without the arguments and politics. A true co-op community of people who like people and want stuff to do. Singles, widows, seniors, youth both troubles and not. The ill. The terminal. The mobile. The odd balls and mistfits. Everyone can be an equal member of the creative community in this universe, and the custom built one I run on my computer.

I got excited, as I have so many times before… but the timing wasn’t right. The partners came from my community circle of people either to busy to want a new project, or too dysfunctional to get it started.

I can create universes and businesses, but I can not run them. 

Tonight, a casual remark from a distressed widower lost alone at 73 with a social life she wasn’t satisfied with and experiences with dating sites that isn’t satisfying. A genius idea.

Entertain the old folks and they’ll love you for it.

Create a company around a community of specific demographics. Perhaps a resort in Florida or Toronto and give the cool people things to do. To be useful. To be helpful. To teach and share. TEach a kid how to widdle a twig into a dog. Have that kid teach you how to play golf on your phone while you’re sitting on the toilet.

I created a universe where we simply give seniors and singles things to do. Choice. And a guide to make them do it if they ask. 

This is a vague statement, and that is what makes it good. You have access to anything to share.

Merging ideas, however, the money may be in the hosts. Pay a person well to be your talking friendly tour guide or event coordinator and he or she will keep you smiling all night. you can pick favourites or try something new every night.

In this universe, if your home or hotel, or in the alternate universe online.

Hosts and guides handle your happiness every night of the week with various levels of interaction and commitment.

Sub groups form. Friendship circles.

HElping hands. Plumbers, electricians, everyone sharing what they do if it helps, entertains or gives you something to do.

You can hire a personal guide that makes sure you actually get up, get dressed and do something.

Merge with my company to finance people just being good friends, like the Big Brothers and Sisters of America, but for the grandparents.

Everything possible could be funnelled through the group for deals and package discounts and hosts and concierges could make a good living.

Orange Guys

Organized activity like an expensive old age home, for those not old enough to move into one.

Like a cruise ship that comes to your home and picks you up in a bus.

In both universes.

Sometimes all you need is a chat friend, voice, video or text. Or as an avatar that can ballroom dance like a pro and owns a tuxedo in every colour.

For many, a virtual existence can be far more fulfilling than a real one. Visit the Grand Canyon in a 3D virtual world for free and leave with a souvenir without paying a fortune.

Visit Disneyland in VR. Ride the Haunted Mansion or the Tiki Hut classics.

Therapy in VR. Sometimes just a vent buddy is enough and the anonymous aspect of equality in Second Ife can be amazing. It has helped me be more social in ways I could not have imagined.

This is an email I sent a friend who wants somebody to spend evenings with. She hates alone evenings. SHe misses having a husband. Even women with husbands may feel that way at times.

I didn’t forget to tell you. You needed 50 friends to tell you-your look great and praise you and reach out.

I have massive plans for you Nanette.even if you don’t want to save, 8 am going to save you. And if I do it right. We could be rich. Want to go into business with me. It’ll give you focus, purpose. Joy and hope. You need them all.
If I do it right. I have an idea that could explode and I can do most of it free because I own the internet company.
I smoked a tiny bit of legal weed, and walked around Toronto for 6 hours thinking up business plans. I have other partners to approach but since you inspired this idea, it’s really your company if you want it. 
I want to give you the luxury of a retirement home community as a member of a 50 to old social club with 7 days planned voluntary group information either single and mingle, or be paired and grouped. Big cruise size dinner table with a conversation host at each table.
Magicians included and classes to teach magic for grandparents. Better than the coin behind the ear.
The beauty is how simple it is to start but how gigantic it could be with sharing. Every single person or couples likes date night. 7 day a week cruise ship quality stuff to do.
Virtually free to do. Potential for profit huge. Potential to be biggest seniors single thing around. Including free orange shirt tech support by video remote control.
It involves about 7 of my life long dreams including creating something unheard of that helps people and can make hippys make an income.
I have another business idea that has even bigger potential but only with sales and marketing and programmers. Higher cost but not crazy high. An idea so big. It’s like thinking of something as revolutionary as the next level in a new loneliness suppression business. The virtual world has no age. No sunspots. You can be any age again. Relive your youth or be a bad ass.
I have the idea that’s missing on dating. First dates are not conducive to romance. They’re really hard. Especially for the nice guys you want. And would love.
Imagine being paired with people for a game show.
For a talk show.
Organized dates for seniors. You’re old enough to know you can love anybody but dating sites are not fun.
And they are all virtually 100% the same concept tweaked.
Don’t create a dating site. Send people on interesting dates. Fin dates. Challenging dates. Great stories.
Bad dates make good stories. Peer-reviewed people so even weird full people might find a match to go see the new Star Wars but only if you meet 10 people after and talk about it.
Forced interaction by choice.
Summer camp on demand.
One phone number. You never know what to expect. You just say yes.
Payment by one party in some chat circles. Payment by the group in others. Several free options. Weed and no weed options.
I write on weed  I create on weed. I do it about once a month but to be honest, I had so much fun tonight, I might wander more often. A weed comedy act on Sunday.
Think about this. It’s like having the Hyatt Regency converge on speed dial wherever you are, we’ll find you something to do and your favourite 5 to do it with.  I might even know 5 to test pilot.
My personal concierge. Orange shirt support. On number. All your computer needs from shopping for you, setting an agenda and budget.
Teaching you how to play Pokemon Go.
Teaching you how to play games with friends or make new ones.
Chess bridge.
Classes in group or personal support.
Pay for a guy. Everyone needs a computer guy. Your concierge can send one. If you like him or her, they are yours for life. Within human limits.
Tv guy? He’ll make Netflix work on one remote.
He can get you channels.
Netflix club meets on chatroom Wednesdays after… Every show you want a room for.
Your concierge will get you tickets and a quality same sex or opposite sex companion to converse with.
All connections can remain chat friends within the club. Anonymously as an option.
Each member has to throw one event a year of various topics.
Talent show.
Community theatre
Touring theatre.
Bake sales.
All the benefits of church without having to give up delicious food options and and say you believe fiction is true just to get a bake sale and a dance..
In other words, a church for the cool seniors without having to move to a home.
But why not sell the idea to resorts and condos and timeshares.
Wild. Include timeshare trading. Spend one year not at home.
Quality couples. Exclusive vetted people who can carry a conversation, or whatever other skills you desire.
Your concierge fixes your plumbing and wires your house for extra outlets. His buddies will test down a wall or change your place to have a border. We can supply roommate Tennant’s of varying companionship.
Think the decorator Murphy brown lived with.
I am excited by home many of my dreams can fit into this one genius idea you had.
Retirement home activities without the old sick people.  Ha ha ha… I paraphrased.
My parents got 3 years in the cool home before they were too sick and got kicked out. It was like a home and a hotel in one but for only 80 people 55 plus.
I so much love the idea of a light pressure entertainment company hidden inside a social group perfect for singles, couples and young hot hosts that keep you having fun.
Or learning
Or talking
Or knitting.
I can do all this right now with the tools I have. I just won’t without management. Without a partner who can get things done and work with me.
Honest truth. All my life I have been in search for the right partner. I’ve tried men and women and had many great chapters of five years or more.
I lucked into a great career of support because I am likable and positive and smart. I am good. My only fault is that I spent my entire life striving to be perfect and so I stayed alone. I am only alive when there is a face to earn a smile on. I never had to ask. I only answered and served in a way that didn’t scare anybody.
I need to be managed. I’m lost. I’m seriously lost, coasting in therapy and meds to be confident enough to say yes and ask for help. Things against my nature.
I have an avoidant personality disorder and an impulse to avoid anger and yelling at any cost. It means I developed an inner fear of asking. I don’t interrupt, annoy or argue unless I know it’s ok. If they speak first. I am silent till it’s right to speak, and then I solve it or make you smile.
I don’t know how to initiate. I am terrified of choice without a partner. With someone else in the room, I turn on and become quite impressive. I create what is needed to earn the smile and am equally wounded by failure.
I cringe at the first sign of annoyance and become awkward. I don’t let paused happen and I will either spoil the mood with annoyance or be fascinating and you’ll need to know more.
I only recently learned I am cool. I want to start a new chapter. I want to save you, save me, and save millions of people of any age find a person to do stuff with.
I had Saturday adventures platonically for 5 years with one woman. 5 years with another, both platonic roommates that spent a lot of time on adventures together but never naked. 
5 years with a couple in Waterloo
2 years with an engineer who’s wife shattered his word by taking his kids to Hamilton in a surprise divorce and asshole lawyer treatment.
I have always lived other people’s lives happily. I never needed to know how to live until I was alone at 50. I don’t know how to adult.
I’m like Michael Landon. The angel who travels home to home making it better and then moving on. Sometimes making it worse, but not usually.
My current roommate is a rescue. I took her in when she was homeless exiting a mental hospital after being crazy for 8 months. She couldn’t do anything when she arrived.
I made her hate me after the first year so she would not become my everything dependant. She needed her universe and my tendency would have been to make her my number 1.  Although we were best friends as she grew up without a father figure, her life left her with some issues beyond my support. I would have been bad for her.
She’s a different person now and we’re better off not speaking. We are respectful rroommates because I can’t afford the rent on my own… bouncing bills now and then living in overdraft, and she’s content for her first living alone in the real world situation to not be technically alone. 3 years and we barely talk. It’s perfect.
I could give her a role in my … Our new business. Anyone can be a host for any event. Good ones will gather a fanbase. Bad ones will try again.
I will probably do something similar but I think this could be huge. We could pitch it to CAA or carp or even a Vegas hotel. See if they want first branding.
Oooo.. imagine how many older women are wizzrs at business. Hobby business club. We pair a team up to start people’s dream business… Like a retired persons dragons den.  Anybody can pitch an idea and anybody can sign up to contribute, manage, finance, accounting etc.  Go op business.
Talent agency. Entertainment the club. Wednesday’s are Korean karaoke and Fridays my friend David Berman teaches country dance. He’s 400 pounds but loves to dance. I think you’ll meet him. He can be a host. He’s very likable and just Jewish enough to know people.
Personal assistant pool. We’ll call you to confirm or make all your appointments and reservations.
We know all your passwords and can handle all your social media if you choose.
Frogstar.tv is my online network.
I stream my life 24/7 from my single room life.
I want to do more help videos. There is a need and it fits here. Anyone wearing an orange shirt can make a video for sharing to the group.
Lessons. Recipies. Orange talks. Lectures
You can host a live after-show or during show broadcast.
Watching a TV show in a group can be fun with the right crowd.
Watching it with a comedian host can be even funnier.
After Survivor
Netflix and chat
The network has vetted and peer-reviewed hosts for everything and your concierge is as skilled as the top concierges. I suspect it to be a well-tipped position.
He won’t say no. He has the support of the community to get things done.
Even if we did a little bit and created 5 group friendship circles. 6 weeks of trades and shuffles. If nobody wants your table. We’ll buy you, friends. (Grin)
A calendar of events and a host the group has to cover.  
Start with signups on walls at apartments or get word of mouth through everything. It could spread. People want a social life but they need the push. The invite, not the task.
Virtually everything could be handled by your concierge or your guy.
My life would have been so different if I’d had a partner after 50 that liked work and didn’t have a.dd. my circle of friends were the idea and creative people. The ones that could complete tasks went on without me to success.
I needed a Costello. A Shuster. A sidekick.
An  Alfred.
Now I need a Nanette. A smart woman who needs to feel needed and useful again.
Biz idea.  Lifesavers
Social lifesavers
Chapter 60. I found somebody to give me stuff to do.
I’ve never been happier.
I got a guy.
Do you have a guy?
Everybody needs a guy.
I’ll share my guy with you if you like.
Orange shirt support.
Now the mind blow… This entire idea and more can be duplicated in an online alternate universe you can live in online. 
A separate universe created to customized specifications on your phone or computer.
In this universe, everyone is beautiful and can be young or old and still dance for hours without aching. Everything I just explained can be done in a 3D virtual universe on your phone while you wait at the doctor’s office. You can exist in two universes simultaneously and reap the benefits from each.
You can even own a home or a bar in Key West or England or on another planet or spaceship. You can even earn a living in an alternate universe of infinite design. There are people who marry and live and work in Second Life more or less full time. Really.
This is too mind-boggling to comprehend without a guide, but your avatar in this world, can actually have date night too, go to theatre, movies, wrestling, bowling sit on a nude beach or go to an amusement park. Lectures or Sermons can be shared without the cost of renting a room. Lectures. Schools. Play games, dance, rave. Dance.
Your chess buddies can be in another country and still hand out at your favourite pub on the corner.
You can design. You can make money. The retail marketplace is amazingly addictive. Everything is for sale if you want, from new dresses, tuxes, cosplay and masquerade costumes and even facial and body improvements. You can spend $100 on an eye if you want the top of the line pupil.  All made and designed by the community, for free and profit.
You can run a bar like you’ve always wanted. Maybe even a strip club.
In case you care, you can also get naked and fuck anything you want using every sexual position you’ve ever seen and then some. You can fuck on the beds, the tables, against the fridge, on the photocopier. You can fuck on a mountain top, on the Ferris wheel or in a castle.
You can fuck vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves and horses if you choose. You can be controlled by a mistress or a master and sit in a cage on a leash for 24 hours straight if that is your thing.
Everyone is beautiful, ageless and has awesome tits, ass, vagina and penis… if you buy the deluxe models.
You can ride dragons, windsurf or bunji jump all from your real life bedroom or evening commute bus ride. 
The list of things duplicated in this universe is vast, and it’s free to create the things you want to bring to it. 
I like the scenic Balloon rides over beaches and cliffs. 
There is even a full equipped full scale cruise ship to visit and get couples massages or play slot machines.
Artists might like the anonymity of this universe to be performers. Poetry, karaoke, or Open mike comedy or music. You have the stage to be anything you want. The Elvis impersonator show is hilarious.
Cover bands, Concerts, Festivals and raves including areas for all the safe public or private BDSM weird shit sex you want with a hot avatar friend, guide, host or escort.  Some fucking awesome voice artists will take you on a virtual reality adventure beyond your comprehension.
Every Thursday… or whenever you wish to visit. Many leave it on 24/7 and live dual adventurous lives their real-world friends know nothing about. It’s oddly empowering.
I want to connect with real world sell pot lounges and bars and offer them their own second location in an alternate universe. Custom universes are good value in a marketing and after hours where the drinks are free and we’ll entertain you for hours. Tuesdays are game show night.  Build customer loyalty by offering a virtual after-hours club.
Every day at 4pm, I want to host a public game of cards against humanity at the weed lounge on Yonge street and my weed lounge in the second life universe. Prizes.
We might book comedian guests. If you’ve ever played cards against humanity with funny people and only an original deck everyone knows it’s non stop laughs.
Stream to YouTube and sell commercials produced in house by club members on frogstar.tv
Marketing new businesses in both universes opens up a huge new market. You can be FIRST in the second universe. Your guide will teach you the virtual world and guide you the whole way. 
If we pay reasonable evening wage to guides we could get some really good notch tablet.
Nice people.
Imagine if we used a bar with tv bar sets. Seinfeld table etc.
Movers can buy their table and decorate.
Now people at dinner table have 3 people locally and 3 people on foreign exchange.
Your dinner and evening entertainment spans two universes.
As technology advanced, VR headset life will be more commonplace.
The second universe is a separate company but the concept of opening up our social club to online and real-world adventures is a huge seller to homebound. The elderly awkward or ugly and those of lesser health. Life in Second Life is rich and full and active without moving more than a joystick or keyboard. It is not a game of skill with the guide of your orange shirt concierge.
Of I have overwhelmed you. I will just say it was good weed. However I have hundreds of blogs of similar ideas. Ways to help people make money doing cool things.
The orange shirt way. This one just allows so many of the others to be merged once the initial business structure is set up. The possibilities of selling guided evenings for single and couples and stoners is GIGANTIC.
We can bring almost anything to the custom universe and you won’t believe how joyful ballroom dancing to a band can be even if it’s a puppet on the screen. I’ve had a wife and a life in that universe.
It can be the perfect senior lifestyle… if hosted and managed.

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