In past years I have posted a list of the TV shows I watch and enjoy. Back in the days before I started taking Paxil for my obsessive tendencies, that was a big list with over 40 hours a week 

This year my list is quite different. The way I watch TV has changed with the times, due in part to my budgetary but party because society is changing as a whole. There are so many more options above and beyond the 13 channels I grew up with as a kid.

We have Netflix now, and the new idea of releasing an entire season or series at once. I don’t have to wait till a specific day to watch the latest episode of my shows, and if the mood strikes me, I can watch 2, 3 or 6 hours straight.

Where I used to watch Network shows al.ost exclusively, I now watch only a few, dividing my viewing time between regular channels and streaming services. 


Russian Doll


Arrested development

Umbrella academy

Sense 8

Stan Lee’s luckyman

Magnum pi

The daily Show

saturday night live

The irville

Star trek discover

ymurdoch mysyeries

The rookie

Still standing

22 minutes

Grand tour

Marvelous Mrs Mable



Santa Clara diet

Patriot actawith ct Has manage



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