I realized quite a few things in tonight’s high.

I may remember some of them to type.



2. I might actually be better than just ok. Level up. Bonus Orange jello.

c. I learned today that people almost never notice if you put the world the twice in a row. That was actually the coolest thing of the moment.

It’s #shareworthy to be sure, although I may never ever use it again it will come up in conversation every 7 years as a new generation sees it and thinks it new. That happened to me a lot before I figiured out the difference between firsts, and new to me.

I’m still learning new things every chance I get.

I finished a site conversion in two days, and hace accomplisehed some really outstanding… above ok. More importantly, my wit and hour has been on display every day of the year, except March 23rd, because I learned Biks used to block off their sidewalk onmce a year to break the policy of it falling to public land if it’s used as a walkway uninteruipted for one or two years.

Odd what you remember.

Besides, I have something pertsonal against March 23rd.  March 23rd killed Ronny.

I don’t like to talk about it.

There is no Ronny,

The constant cresendo.

When I was young, there was one constant. CBC Radio.

It was a must. It was an issue. It was a trigger. It was a bonding experience. It was an obsession. It was a war.

There was an AM Radio in the kitchen from the day I was born, to the day I moved out. It played CBC Radio.

In Canada, the CBC is the Government operated station. A Staple of free television with minimal commercials, and some of the absoluite worst shows ever produced. A part of our hertiage. When you watch parodies of early Soviet television from the black and wite era, Canada was worse.

SCTUV did a parody of CCCP TV and it basically was the qualkity of Canadian Television. Home of the $100 game shows, poorly lit.

In my lifetime, Canada went thgrough it’s High School musical phase, then it’s community theatre quality phase, then it got a bit better.

CBC radio hasn’t changed much at all. 100% talking. That’s what my kitchen had in it. Not TV. CBC Radio.

Which is way better than Daytime TV. 

There are four things I rememeber from CBC Radio in over 20 years of it being on.

The name Barbara Frumm

The Royal Canadian Air Farce

The show by David Susuki

The Sunday afternoon 1 oclock time signal

and the story of the scientific and musical breakthrough, the continous cresendo. Essentially it was a digital scale that created the mental illusion that the music was going up. A cresendo. However it wasn’t. It just sounded like it was always incresing because they hid the loop reset well.

Like a teadmillrising up. You feel like it’s up hill.

In Monton New Brunswich there is a tourist attraction called the magnetic hill. It’s the most wild mind fuck you’ll ever see. It’s broken reality that bneds your mind.

until it doesn’t

I have always remembered that consant cresendo and recently had the realization that I live my life on that same treadmil. I go forward every moment because it always feels like I’m moving up. It’s positive. The smile drives me. The optomisim. The clear skys ahead fantasy.

What was I talking about.

The reason I keep going on is because I’ve modelied my routine on always thinking this will be the one.

Just like the red haired uncle character ion every singe show I ev er watched in the 80s.

Every day, a part of my routine is to wake up and be funny. I dod it virtually every day. I have a routiune of browisng social media and making punchlines and maybe one share that inspires me a day. Mostly comments and posts. And then I click another button and accept my virtual applause. Feedback. Thumbs and hearts and chinese squinty chuckles.

Serious, I’m shocked nobody who cares has complained.

I’m surprised I was about to complain, but at the last minute, I deflected.

It doesn’t offend me, but neither did Kay Perry’s shoes but I’m still surprised when things get by a panel of people with stupid ideas.

It makes you want to think some companies do it because apologizing is “in” right now and corportate stupid moves don’t reflect too poorly on Katy Perry to recover from but the apologies are national screen time, and fans by definition accept.

win win win.  Katy Perry has a show line?  Cool, let m,e look online.

I liked Katy Perry, Original face and integhrety. Of all the pop starts who transfored from first album through a career, she’s passed even Alanis Morresette.

I think I 


Collecting the blue notifications is like sweeping up the smiles and laugh on the floor in a comedy club like they fell to the ground as paper voic bubbles.

With joy I relish the thmumbs up to each of my jokes. It’s gratifying to see just one fan, but especially delightful when the hits are the ones I hoped would be recieved well.

Sometimes I hide gems deep in huge threads of conversations and yet, eventually, a return receipt for a like appears in my collectyioin.

Yes. Somebody picked up that reference. 10 points

Today it was the Looker Gun. A col gun from a movie from 1981. Looker.

One other person remembers it. The thumbs up feels good.

I have no idea why you get the pleasure boost from knowing at least one person liked and remembered a thing that I did.

It was the first spark of my first relastionship when she said; THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS out of the blue, in a faint british accent that sounds like shouting with curled up gums. She’s the one.

There is joy in connections.

That’s why I wanted to — something. Lost it.

I must be.. oh yeah.

Tonght’s risk play. I ointrouduced a sample into the wild where it will either die or grow.

A kik chat group.

MY lava lights have been flashing periodically on and off for a while.

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