I don’t have too much time between now, and the moment when the edibles I downed kick in. I did a fair quanity, and by that I mean more than I should. More than probably anybody should, and despite claiming every single time I am happy and hejalthly and in no way consiodering self harm, I do always seem to push my drug usage to the limit.

I check many of the boxes I assume are on the check list for a drug addict, but mainly I check the one that says not willing to quit. I feel like explaining that people say cigarettes are one of the hardest addictions to quit, and while that may be true on a purely physical need for nicoteen, the truth is, drugs offer you a lot more than the buzz from a cigaratte to adjust to living without emotionally. For me, tyhe fact is (as I create the facts), I only do some things on a little bit of weed… or a lot of edible 98% THC distilate wrapped around a cookie.

I say I am happy day to day, waking up around 7:00am, doing my morning routine in bed with all the lights on, and then starting work. I do. I enjoy it, I’m usually productive for a clean streak from 8:30 till 2 or 3. I nap and I come back for a second shift which can last anywhere from onlky an hour till 8 or 9pm depending on my level of excitement and challenge.

I say I love Mondays most, and today is Tuesday.

I completed some tasks. Two main ones that I feel good for accomplishing, including asking for money, which I try to never let go past the 1st of the month anymore. Invoice run. ugh. It’s much better now that I do them all by email. The extra step of buying $1+ stamps, envelopes and paper, plus laser and just the effort. That’s gone and invoicing usually happens in one session or two with a break now.

I still seem to make a staggering amount of errors, none of which make sense how it happens… evey month. I understand why all my staff supervbisors never fully trusted me around the money. I was always 100% honest about all the movie, but nobody made more errors than me, I suspect at all three jobs were I was near a cash register. I was onlt allowed to cash out for about 3 weeks before they had a guy come in and do it after hours. Even he complained about my errors.

That was an unusual seque memory, but January has been quite dry this year and I remember sayiong that last year too. My apartment has central air and a thermostat controlled by the tenants on the second floor rather than me. I get what I get, but I have noticed January dreams are nowhere near as fun as October dreams. The dryness must trigger different partrs of my memory banks.

So my dreams have been more self critical. Negative. They still had a fun narative and guest appearnces, most recently by Bob Newhart, playing the role of… umm… Bob … I can almost remember.  Hartly?

Ok Google, what was the character bob newhartt played in the bon newhart show.

Dr Robert Heartly. I got it right, but I didn’t trust myself without the third voice confiormation.

Google talks to me now to confirm I know what I do, and I don’t what I don’t.

He was my phciatrist. He was also the commedian I refer to as my first inspiration to be who I am.

Funny in real life situatyions.

Bev Law, the school Librarian was my Carol.

End of Part 1. This will come on hard and fast, except it’ll do it real slow.

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