I worked well today from 9 to 6.

If I can repeat that, I’d like to allocate certain times to certain tasks.

one is the Virtual Church of the universe.  

Church of Orange

coloir by pantone.

A Church for people who don’t want religion.

A shared community with all the benefits of church, without leaving Home… except the bake sales.

church congregations can exist and anyone can be a leader, but real sermons exist every Sunday morning online and in OpenSim. You can participate in either universe.

Althopugh not a religion, each may have its own origin theory. origin story.

The universe that matters is your own.

We learn the power of stories.

The language of analogy

The healing of self authorship.

scripting your future.

scripting your past


donastions accepted

everyone helps someone as part of our weekly sermon cerimony.

barter support



snow plow, garden, 


tasks can be shared and traded to gain reputations, luxuries, experience.

kids could do chores in trade for bike repair or meals or whatever anyone can offer.

adults could get tutring or repair fr repair.

one a week minimum you make a trade.

web based

arbitratiuon services


as much for free as possible

only rule. honour orange in videos.

like ted talks without audition. everyone can open a page. 

just now I can see how rc confession is neat. saying things out loud.

whisper confessions made public anonymously within the church

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