I had written about my concern that this wonder drug might be more pure, and more addictive than I was used to. I have previously stopped taking amphedamine without “much” effect 3 times for more than 30 days.

Today I didn’t take my pill till 9:20 am and I was breaking out in bites and a rash. For real.

The two could be unrelated, as I do eat in bed daily and the sheets and surounding floor aRE all you can eat buffets for any critters that stop by. IT’S NOT UNREASONABLE TO BELIEVE THE FIRST ONE i NOTICED WAS AN ANT BITE OR SPIDER. Unseen inscents are everywhere… When the second itch made itself known, I was worried there might be bugs, wityh a plural s.

Then a moment later I started to see the start of a red rash over my hands and in my head, for an instant I thought of the memory of those people with bed bugs on the internet that look like they’ve just walked out of a terra cotta clay mud bath at a luxury spa, on;y it’s theoir skin.

Unrelated, I took my pill and the itch has reduced itself don to a reminder of the scratching that foillowed more than an actual itch.

I’m super normal again. I like that phrase. Super normal is better than normal.

Able to imagine leaping over tall buildings in a single thought.

why not?

youre not supposed to be like this.

why not.

You shouldn’t spend all your time in the other universe.

why not?

Sometimes there are good answers. Sometimes there are no answerrs.

end of part 1. 

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