The Orange Shirt show is the predecessor to The Jeff Goebel SHow, but I’m not ready for that yet.

+ The Current

Life is knowing which way your stream of consciousness should choose at every form in the current.

The Now is where the choices are made and if you don’t, the current chooses for you.

The NOW keeps moving if you choose or not. That’s why people are able to live a life with a very minimum of choices. I have been living on the current so long, only reacting at the current’s last second before it’s too late to go back.

I don’t go back. I ride the current with as much concentration as I do while driving.

I love living in the current, but there are only choices to make when somebody else is interacting.

Poorly worded but I can’t go back.

The weed is making the water smoother. Only a gentle wave.

I think I just felt my penis move.

biz idea. Stoned entertainment is hard because people are not usually as stoned as they think they are when viewed. In other words, stoners don’t always look stoned. It’s a huge complaint. They’re never as stoned as the person watching, but neither are you.

Actual talk show without guests for now.

The evolution of the next show.

Jeff’s Next Show, First Draft.

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Jeff’s Next Show, First Draft.

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