Watch how the conversation unfolded and tell me you want to invest.

The world needs community in a world where we’re not interacting like we used to. Community is key to happiness.

Sadness shared is halfed. Happiness shared is doubled.

We have the opportunity to invent a whole new world in the Second Universe model… but NOT Second Life. EVERUYTHING in this universe can be duplicated and sold as stand alone seco… You’ll get the idea. It’;s huge.

Like FGacebook huge.  When the world ran short of .com domains, they had to add new ones but people still waht the known one. The first. The covetted Kleenex position

Nameing rights.

Rollerblades KNEW we’d call them rollerblades forever.

They complained to make sure we knew it, but they knew it would be.

Newbies might call them inline skates and somepeople blow their nose with hand tissues, but if you say Kleenex, my universe knows what it is.

It’s a Kleenex.

Looking for investor and a team. I’d love for this to be my one, because it’s a whole unexplolred universe

Imagine a Disneyland for Stoners. 

I’ll shut up. This isthe origin story.

Today I was shown the power of what is known as Open Sim. An open source free platform.

[2018/08/04 21:42] ღ Pαιɢε Cσρȼlαnd ღ (paige.copeland): (Saved Fri Jul 27 00:03:13 2018)I know!!
[19:08] Paige Copeland: fun!
[19:09] Frogstar42 Loup: Where are you again? Canada?
[19:09] Paige Copeland: no
[19:09] Frogstar42 Loup: oh. Cool.
[20:17] Frogstar42 Loup: So I have two ideas and if I can get a financial partner I can make it a real biz, outside SL
[20:17] Paige Copeland: what are the ideas?
[20:20] Frogstar42 Loup: I want tio approach (phase 1)) all of the vapour lounges and vape lounges that will be appearing everywhere now that it’s not illegal
The real world stores. Not SL. I will offer them a second location in an alternate universe that is a stand aone lounge just for his customers or friends. A second location for those who get high at home
[20:22] Frogstar42 Loup: The idea however is that we could sell ANY club, group or lounge a private universe for non community hangs. Imagine the chess clubs being able to gather from home every night 24/7 if they wanted.
[20:59] Paige Copeland: I LOVE that idea
An SL vape lounge for people at home
[21:05] Frogstar42 Loup: Iof a dance club after hours to give girls a second chance to say yes or no in VR
Never get high alone again. Buy a stoner club.
Sell it to churches
Sell it to main street stores
[21:06] Paige Copeland: Especially churches!
[21:06] Frogstar42 Loup: ANY STORE can have a storfront in the second universe we’re building.
ANY club.
[21:07] Paige Copeland: Republicans …. they need it the most
[21:07] Frogstar42 Loup: Imagine knitting stores could set up a knitting gathering with in-stiore and VR on big screens in both worlds.
[21:08] Paige Copeland: well … I think starting with a vape club for home vapers
they can talk about weed and different strains etc
[21:09] Frogstar42 Loup: exactly… but the membership is all paid out of world. No currency in world.
EXACVTLY… now get this. I want to hire fabiulous text and voice hostesess to sell tutorial hours.
But poaid in real world wages
Canada is going to NEED a way for the shy to link, even on weed.
ESPECIALLY entering high.
[21:10] Paige Copeland: how would it generate revenue to pay the bills and keep it going?
[21:10] Frogstar42 Loup: The Dirty Voice lounge has the right idea, but I bet it would do better off Second L:ife.
The thing is – get this – OpenSIM is ALL FREEE.
Like really. Open sopurce everything.
[21:11] Paige Copeland: ahh I see
I’ll have to go see
[21:11] Frogstar42 Loup: Imagine going to a nightclkub and everything in it is on sale for your homes, which are also free.
I can invite you to a successful one.
[21:11] Paige Copeland: you can?
[21:11] Frogstar42 Loup: Sorry, I’m reeeeeealy high and I just had a wild encounter
You can click on a lamp and steal it.
but the original stays.
[21:12] Paige Copeland: how do the avs looks there?
[21:12] Frogstar42 Loup: They can have their own currency if you wanted, but that’s a huge hassle turnb off when spitching
It is SL. Mesh, whatever
The only problem is, you can only create or share. It’s not possible to transfer from SL to OpenSIM.
But builders can copy and paste.
(and if you know a guy, it can be done
[21:14] Paige Copeland: I probably do
I know a lot of people
[21:14] Frogstar42 Loup: My idea is to sell boxed product on their shelves, and
SO you’d pay $100 for the deluxe alternate universe package.
[21:14] Paige Copeland: like a boxed club
[21:15] Frogstar42 Loup: It includes a choice of avatars just like the Bitmoji or emojis in RL
[21:15] Paige Copeland: what kind of wild encounter did you just have?
[21:15] Frogstar42 Loup: I don’t know if you remember, but I’m not good with women. hehe
[21:15] Paige Copeland: ohhh did it go well?
[21:15] Frogstar42 Loup: I’ve only had a few actual sex acts where I was in sync and fully enjoying the enviornment.
This was not one of them, but I’m fighing high on E that kicked in as we started.
[21:16] Paige Copeland: ohhhh
[21:16] Frogstar42 Loup: I was not naked. I was loving the dancing and the punping, but dressed at my desk.
[21:16] Paige Copeland: what is the difference between E and molly?
[21:16] Frogstar42 Loup: However, I loved it. I loved me.
I didn’t ask her to marry me, as I’ve been known to do on this muich E.
[21:17] Paige Copeland: is mollly mdma?
[21:17] Frogstar42 Loup: The same difference as there is weed and pot. Slanges change with the times and the USA all called it X and the Canadians all called it E which made it harder to polularize.
Molly was chose by who knows, but it caught on because it’s so cool.
[21:17] Paige Copeland: so is E the same as molly?
[21:17] Frogstar42 Loup: You know a girl named Molly is high
They said Molly referred to the pure MDMA before cut, but that truth lasted a week.
[21:18] Paige Copeland: well they called it E and X in the 90s
[21:18] Frogstar42 Loup: They changed the slang because molly didn’t need to be in pills anymore and people were happy instead of complaining like they should have
Most Am,ericans call it X and grew up wth it as that.
[21:19] Paige Copeland: how is it now, instead of in pills?
[21:21] Frogstar42 Loup: brown powder took over. Easier to fake and cut an cust and cust and mix… and sell it as pure.
It’s nearly impossible to get the Europen pills into Cnada. Many have lost trying, including me
I loved the pills. Exact dosage, they can be in your pocket without a baggie
If I had connections, importing E pils would be an instant profit
sorry. I am still really high
[21:22] Paige Copeland: last time I supposedly saw it it looked like crushed crystals.
[21:22] Frogstar42 Loup: yeah. Like Brown sugar.
The stuff I’m on tonight was new and I will say I love it
[21:23] Paige Copeland: so E or X and molly and mdma are all just the same thing?
[21:23] Frogstar42 Loup: Sadly, now I’m honry as hell so I’ll probably end up paying for somebody I don’t know
Yes. All various percentages of MDMA
[21:24] Paige Copeland: what do they cut it with?
[21:24] Frogstar42 Loup: The pills are huge runs of 10s of thousands with quality control.
or not
but they were just so superior. If pills were still the norm, it would probably put the dealers out of biz.
[21:24] Paige Copeland: I remember seeing guys handing pills to girls in clubs not too long ago
[21:24] Frogstar42 Loup: I bought 250 the first time from Europe
They lasted years, but I shared and got a lot of new fans
E is great, but NOTHING beats doing E with a first time and coscent
[21:25] Paige Copeland: coscent?
[21:25] Frogstar42 Loup: If they have oills, then they’re in a different bracket than the normal people. heheh
consent – wow. oops
stoner fingers
[21:25] Paige Copeland: ahh
so why aren’t pills as common now? did they all get shut down?
[21:27] Frogstar42 Loup: My best guess is either because people always wanted the same pills and you couldn’t just change the recipe.
Dealers become resellers.
They just decided the Canadian market was better served by the poerfect drug being harder to smuggle and hide.
From the delares point of view, they might even pay custims to catch the european market.
The first one to win would own the market and then be found on the shore
sorry. I forgot what I was talking about as I typed
I tried and lost $300 but I got a hilarious letter from the Customs border officials and the Post office. We regert
to inform you that your shipment of 40 grams susopected MDMA will not be delivered.
I sometimes fear they’re seasrching for me to admit that and then burst the doors down.
Ordering freom the w… OH MY GOD.
What if we sold REAL WEED in this store.
A private separate world on it’s own nobody can access but you
I could have a Dark Web storefront under a different name.
wow. I love weed.
[21:30] Paige Copeland: lol
[21:30] Frogstar42 Loup: I love yopu. Lets buy a house and — no, wait. That’s the E.
[21:30] Paige Copeland: weed is great
[21:31] Frogstar42 Loup: I’m just happy you… oh yeah.
iodea 2?
[21:32] Paige Copeland: I do love the idea about an SL vape lounge for people vaping in RL. I think that has real potential and I would possibly consider backing it financially
[21:32] Frogstar42 Loup: I was thinking I could tourthe country in a motorhome for idea #2.
You’ve never visited, but my home is set up like a TV studio to do programming.
[21:33] Paige Copelandღ Pαιɢε Cσρȼlαnd ღ (paige.copeland) nods
[21:33] Frogstar42 Loup: I want to sell the YouTube generation, a channel on a TV station in the other universe
Your own TV studio to blog as an avatar.
Anonymous life of fame.
Remember, ALWAYS marketiung to people who have no idea what Second Life or 3D avatars are
For real world money, you can add video blogging from your own univefrse tyo FAcebook, Youtube or others
A 24 hour broadcast network where anyone can buy a Channel but
I have a whole idea how it’s funded.
Also… GAMES. I have three GAME SHOW SETS
[21:35] Paige Copeland: omg you do a little bit of everything
[21:35] Frogstar42 Loup: I never understiooid why people didn’t want to go see game shows locally in town but they’ll watch one on TV
Imagine selling a Game show package for Bloggers.
Idea 3.
A web site that looks exactly like Facebook will allow without suing, that is off world for communicating. SL messages suck.
Live Facebook feeds of the network
A universe unto itself.
EVefryone who lectures and does apearances could sell Alternate Universe experiences of sermons or self help pitches.
It could be an add on to the book.
You can also sell finsohed products like games or movies.
Imagine readings by the author,. Can’t attend the book signing… for $19.95 a month you can
BAM. Appraoch NetFlix to allow streaming in world but at $4.95 a month
PRIVATE screening rooms for you and your friend
your lover.
Sell roamnce by distance kits.
Do you know there is an electric flashlight-sized vagina that is controlled via your partner in Europe.
Men would buy it in the store if it could be used in world.
Sell Honeymoon recreating boxes.
Like suare dollhouse diaramas
I’m just going to keep ramblking and you can interrupt or walk away.
I also want to sell STONER ACTIVITY KITS for friends toking apart. These would be hopsted experiences designed for the various drugs. Weed room,s are different than meth rooms.
RAVES! DJ shows.
[21:42] Paige Copeland: No I love it … and that goes back to the original idea which I love the most. Virtual vape lounges
[21:42] Frogstar42 Loup: Onec eyou have the idea ofpackaging scenarios like DVD’s
[21:42] Paige Copeland: I love the idea
[21:42] Frogstar42 Loup: Yes. I know that is step one.
I sent the email to my long tiojme friend with a head shop in a nearby twon.
He might pay for the pilot and be first.
Imagine the press. Hire a celebrity to appear in both proomotions.
Have guest speakers or stand up comics in alternating universe on a shared big screen
Ok… so… all I need to ask as a favour, is to not let me pretend this didn’t happen tomorrow.
My head exploded with such possibility and for once, I realized the key is to not manage it.
I’ll give up almost every idea if I can make rent in RL.
I need a new income stream and I’m learning in thereapy how to finally share myself
I am still in bed with the nost kickass rave beats..
[21:45] Paige Copeland: oh nice
well I told you I’m willing to possibly financially back it too
[21:46] Frogstar42 Loup: I will NOT ignore it because my buddy will reply for info.
[21:46] Paige Copeland: I think there is great potential
[21:46] Frogstar42 Loup: I usually don’t follow through, but I can honestly say that my personal blog writings contain hundreds of ideas that simple to do with a good investment. Maybe I should sell myself and give all my ideas to a manager
[21:48] Frogstar42 Loup: Oh yeah… so tyhis network can actually TRY to pair people if they want. The society will be designed around respect, but clear signals of who’s looking for various things with a red… I’m stopping. The idea was fgirst for conventions like Star Trek. Single mwould have 3 ips and couples and flings etc would wear it.
SOOOO many good men don’t know how to ask.
BAM Universities offer audio books or 3d VR simulations and lectures could even be simulcast with questions.
One speaker could sell out 100 cities at once.
Springstein could sell ticket to his simulcat with stadiums to match each city and big screns live plus a SL version.
Oh, by the way. Id di Happen to mention anyone can contribute, so our lounges could also attach art galleries and stream our TV channel nationwide.
Open Mikes with stoners is hilarious or bad, which is hilarious
That Rost guy could sell in world roasts.
[21:51] Paige Copeland: lol that was funny
[21:51] Frogstar42 Loup: Imagine if we could get Molson to pay for a recration of their convert venus.
A whole new genre. Plug and play 3D simulations of things you couldn’t afford or get to see live.
You could lietarly ell a blank theatre box kit and rent movies with your budies without leaving home… on weeeeed. We could actually show movies in both universe.
or the stoner tv network.
W ecould also sell all the ads on the Facebook clone.
[21:53] Paige Copeland: I love it
[21:53] Frogstar42 Loup: I belong to a pretty good Facebpook clone for SL but he doesn’t know how to market it
Oh Oh Oh.
Nerd alert.
SELL USB STICKS or an APP that is Star Trek related. They exist now, but the world that would most love them don;’t know SL exists because when they tried it, they couldn’t figure anything out
You vcan live on the ENterprise for $19.95 a month
Speed dating events
The Vapoour lounge in Toronto does this. One of the staff won Big Brother two years ago.
They have a stage and events. I’ve nevefr been because I’m sure I’d be alone.
I hate living life without sharing the experience because that’s how I measure joy
but I’m learning
Ok so this is my plan. If we establishg an actual business in the real world with partners of whatever is decided percebtages… I would be willing to work and give all my ideas to be sorted between genious, stoner
[21:56] Paige Copelandღ Pαιɢε Cσρȼlαnd ღ (paige.copeland) nods
[21:57] Frogstar42 Loup: I’d like to believe I’m 80% genius but the stoner part is the fun part.
I think a lot might be fklawed on secodn pass.
[21:57] Paige Copeland: lol
[21:57] Frogstar42 Loup: DId I mention I also believe but have never tested, that I am a great writer.
I have a web site with scripts for sketch comedy online and they’re always busy. People love “royalty free easy no set skits for use in any way you see fit.
They’ve been performed all over the world.
[21:58] Paige Copeland: oh wow nice
I LOVE sketch comedy
[21:58] Frogstar42 Loup: I even met a woman who’d seen it being tgaught in school as a play to perform.
[21:58] Paige Copeland: I feel I could write it
[21:59] Frogstar42 Loup: I would like to create a writers group
I’ve always wanted to see if I could have sat at the Satiurday Night Live Writers table.
I had partners but they liked girls, and sex and all driftyed away.
I can’t do it without the person making me react.
Confidence is only two years new to me. It still hasn’t made it to all my emotions
[22:00] Paige Copeland: I always felt I could have
[22:00] Frogstar42 Loup: Second Life changed my life. Lietarlly.
[22:00] Paige Copeland: awww good
I’m so glad
[22:00] Frogstar42 Loup: It made me a broke meth addicted madman… and I spend thousands
But that was old Jeff. I change every year on my birthday and since I decided to live, I now have to wory about being able to pay to live
I am working off 25 years of referrals from 25 years ago. I’m likable but a lot of the best payers died or switched to iPads
My business is fading each year and for a few years I had enheritance freedom.
I didn’t realize I’d lost so many cients I wasn’t able to pay bills
or rent a gfew times
I never got more than 20 days behind.
I need a win and I only ask for things when I’m high.
I had sex for the first time ever in SL, only last year.
I just wish more of these beautiful women would do voice because THAT is as good as I’m going to get in my current mindset
I am growing
[22:03] Paige Copeland: awww
[22:03] Frogstar42 Loup: I have filmed opr blogged it all.
[22:04] Paige Copeland: I’m glad you got off meth
that is so corrosive
[22:04] Frogstar42 Loup: Mnay of them contain live stream of convciousness as my iniar thoughs slow to the speed I can talk, or tyywp.
I wanted to do ALL NIGHT TV shows to stream as a service.
The drugs that keep people up all night are still there. A good acid trip will keep you up till 6am or 7.
[22:05] Paige Copeland: OMG
even when you go home and want to sleep
[22:05] Frogstar42 Loup: Those people get bored at some point of the same trip in their (my) bedroom so the logical choice is to look to harder drugs. BUT if we could sell shows to them in this community, we could change the world.
And OPENSIM means Second Life doesn’t own iyt
[22:06] Paige Copeland: I cannot do acid on a night where I have to get up the next day
[22:06] Frogstar42 Loup: I love the caid next day. It’s always like a Monday.
[22:06] Paige Copeland: no
[22:06] Frogstar42 Loup: I don’t do it on days I have to work early, but since I’m the boss.
It’s my all time favourite drug, and I’ve tried them all.
[22:07] Paige Copeland: I think people need to be shown the spiritual and self seeking potential of things like acid and shrooms
those really are spiritual drugs
I don’t even like to call them drugs
[22:07] Frogstar42 Loup: In the 90’s I’d rave every weekend and the E was new to our generation so every rave was a chance to re-experience it’s powerwith strangers
[22:07] Paige Copeland: because thast seems to minimize them
[22:07] Frogstar42 Loup: no alcohol was the key
Alcohol is horrible in bars. Our entertainment district is a madhouse every weekend.
Imagine if they could all just go home, or on their phones, continue virtually
You know people live lives and have families in Second Life. What if we sold Rusion wives.
I wish somebody would ask me to be a husband. I’d say yes and never look back.
[22:09] Paige Copeland: awww
you seem so sweet
[22:09] Frogstar42 Loup: I had one in SL and it was a taste. The house in a ommunity.
I want to teach and talk.
I think I could sell thios to every Vape lounge in Canada first.
Canada Pride
First might get the coveted Kleenex position where forevermore, selling VR experiences are called… blank.
Oh. Did I mention they work in the 3D phone goggles.
Have you been to disneyland in SL? Imagine if we convinced Disney to do it.
in it’;s own box
Yoiu probably have to go, but I offer you ground level position as Preseident if you want me.
Did I mention I won a hosting and web design company.
[22:12] Paige Copeland: oh n o
[22:13] Frogstar42 Loup: Dwindling but easy to save with a fresh new market of low cost other universe hosting
media streams
[22:13] Paige Copeland: yes I do have to go soon
but I would be interested
[22:13] Frogstar42 Loup: I know. I tried to hang up dozens of times.
[22:17] Paige Copeland: want to stop by for a moment
[22:19] Frogstar42 Loup: to your plavce you eman?
[22:22] Teleport offer sent to ღ Pαιɢε Cσρȼlαnd ღ (paige.copeland)
[22:23] Paige Copeland: ugh … I just had a GF stop by
[22:24] Frogstar42 Loup: ask her for the investment money!
sorry. I’m confused
[22:24] Paige Copeland: pfft
I have tons of money
[22:25] Frogstar42 Loup: invite me again or come see the studio
[22:25] Paige Copeland: she is a good friend and just showed up
[22:26] Frogstar42 Loup: oh ok. next time
[22:26] Paige Copeland: will you be here tomorrow so we can talk more?
[22:26] Frogstar42 Loup: I may not cointact you but I’ll say yes if you smile
Yes but noweher near as high
[22:27] Paige Copeland: don’t worry
I will say hi
ღ Pαιɢε Cσρȼlαnd ღ (paige.copeland) huggs
[22:28] Frogstar42 Loup: yuiou made my night fabtastic
maybe we’ll make our lives fantastic. I alway wanted to be rich.
I alwaus thought I SHOULD be.
[22:28] Paige Copeland: aww good
[22:29] Frogstar42 Loup: but off the weed, I don’t
[22:29] Paige Copeland: I have enjoyed chatting wtih you
I’m not rich
but I have done well in SL
And I do have money I could invest into a project I believe in
[22:30] Frogstar42 Loup: I knew I liked you from all your help the firstr time I blew all my money on the seaside playboy mansion of my vdreams
you’ll love opensim
ill show you tomorrow
[22:31] Paige Copeland: I look forward to it!
[22:31] Frogstar42 Loup: As a bonus, management can have my hosting business. I have a dozen ideas there too.
Oh Oh Oh. The romance kits called; DIX IN A BOX
ok. I’ve passed my rpime.
[22:32] Paige Copeland: night nigh OJ!

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