Sell vapour lounges customized to match the lounges  then sell to head shipps second.

They buy the universe diaramas. 

They buy a bubble universe that it there store and sell to their customers. We don’t know capacity numbrts but it’s not huge. Luckkily we could sell 40000 tickets to Anthony Robin’s but in 40 people custom bublr universe. It’s like international waters legal. 

They fan actually be sold the server and s maintenance support contract.

There are benefits to making a virttual income and disadvantages.

However it is going to change but we could be ground floor.

Imagine a stoners dudneyland where you don’t have to hide it. Amusement parks and lots of romantic river rides like dusney but based on being high.

Change the world. An a green server, we allow people to re find happiness and support in a community if their choice.

Staring with stoners.

So the store is in its universe but there is a Stargate to the MyUnivseretogo

My private universe, to go.

It is fast on phones with good internet. Full voice, reasonable graphics and speed, and you can record it or stream it live.


Or… We could staff it with real live voice and non voice hosts and hostesses fir them.

Education content

Hilarious content

Webverues in world




We provide a shared experience of support and plur with bouncers.

The stores buy accessory packs whenever theyv2sny. This months package is either Fina dsur hsnglifing or 

OMG. Lego movies are probably easy in eirld

Not doing great outvtuere ? Eiuid it be great if the universe worked thevwsy you wanted it?

Now ut can. Magrsthea soevuslizef in custom universes that fan do pretty much whstvweccsn and more.

We can make them work the way you want it to.

You can rent parties, classes, convention crntres

Each store has a brand new value added now. 

Idea. If I can use a multi view briwseer in opensim then my s9 is csst to the handheld ha the game. I literally use my phone in both universevdimultanuously

No need for in eirld spps ir scripts. Your phone is on your phone and you can show it’s display to anyone in either universe.

It might not be perfect but it works. People could be on call 247 as counter staff.

The idea of a stoner amusement park boggles. You could get in a car and instead of It’s a small world it guides you though an hour’s entertainment catered to your stone and tastes.

I’d like to establish the concept and lock custom built private universes you carry with you. On your watch.

Imagine how our entire universe could be profitized in a window universe. Also from hitchhikers guide.

Frogstar was in a window universe much safer that the real one.

Frogstar was the first trial universe. Centred around you like you deserve.

The key is not that it allows from an after hours gathering but that it allows people not in the same town to feel local.

Streaming to YouTube

I think a secondary business might be to handle as much in house as we can.

The idea of 247 entertainment on big screens in both universes 100 percent userr created content with an in wirld subscription base of every instaltion.

There is a network dedicated to donut shop TV’s and pizza TV’s and it’s crap

Netflix in wirld

I’m also thinking my church might have a place. One church and everyone can attend without having to pretend you believe the lies.

The microuniverse church of stories.


Imagine stoners gathering with friends every Tuesday at 7 for another episode of “whoooa’ staring Pauly Shore.

The stoners entertains ENT Netflix for people to high for regular Netflix.

Now with in eirld pvr

Channel 42, and 420

Hosted by max headroom

Open Mike night comes from 16 different cities this Wednesday

Thursday is the dating game.

And now 5 hours of assorted funny, cool and Whoa I

@midnight with Chris Hardwick is also available from the nerdist, but hosted by a master if ceremonies.

Show idea. Each week our team of programmers builders and designers tackle a new orivate universe instaltion 

It’s called,bthey should totally do a show about that, staribgvthevstoners who were convinced it’s genius. It starts with pitches.

All sales handled on a web page, viewed on phone or web ir wirld. 

Home shopping network in wirld.

Community television returns as an amazing community for young and old. 

Stores can even run ads and an hiurvtalk show each night when the store closes and the loungevooens.

Think of it like a cruise. Activity is arranged for the taking. We need more ways for couples to mingle and be fun. Especially after school breaks up citckes.

Each store can build on its own universe or rent in a collective small town with hones and dances at the arena.

Oh.  Tutorial idea. Build a tunnel of love ride that slowly meanders through scenarios 

Imagine how different shopping would be if humans with phones worked on demand staff for dozens of stores or more. You walk in a store and a girgeous friends staff appears to help you.

Entertainment can fill one stadium one night and nobody can’t hear. They can all be high and not drive

Lecture tours last a day

Star trek had mirror universe. We have window universes marketed like square box diaramas

Every lounge will need to subscribe. This shit ain’t on YouTube

I want to a show where stoners try normal tasks.


Crap. I was supported to sleep

End of part 0

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