I like the idea that I invented a word, but even more that I invented it in German, a language of my people, that I do not speak. We didn’t talk much about my father’s people. I was raised British on my Mother’s side. Our town was British. It’s less British now. Over the years the community grew to include many other nations who can pass for British.

Pausenblog is a german word which translates roughly to; While watching anything online, you come up with a joke or want to save this moment in a tweet, you pause the video and blog about it.

Realization.  It just now occurred to me that Social Media in other languages exists in the same public space, invisible to me. Two people living an apartment apart live in a totally different word if they don’t understand English. Imagine how much creativity and brilliance is happening in the same space, filtered by my software.


Don’t flat earthers know the earth could be square, and it would solve almost every one of those annoying observations that prove at least rotation and sunlight and stars and the moon and you’d still win on gravity because we don’t fall off a spinning square like we would with a ball. You’d probably win over some people.

I mean, the earth is obviously 3D. Flat didn’t make sense.

Although The Orville proved it does exist perfectly fine.

The Universe may be infinite, but our personal universe is defined by our awareness, not our understanding. The more we learn to communicate with emotions rather than words, the simpler life may become.

Conversational discussions could start to just include a series of pictures that remind you of a previous story.

The story.

Imagine for a moment, a community of humans in early earth times. We know very little we can call truth from the early days because we assume it’s taken forever to evolve. It is equally possible that we evolved far greater than we are now, but in smaller numbers and were defeated. Books would not have lasted. An entire civilization existed for thousands of years before each major stage, from storing chilled food to the first electricity.

If we always evolved to writing down, histories could be lost, but is is also possible many communities came and went with no trace, not buried by the victories and not used as tools. %000 years may have passed without metal. That’s longer than we’ve had electricity by forever. Stone Hinge may have simply been foundation rocks for a gigantic Wooden Castle, destroyed by the victors.

The stories are not only what history is made from, but the shared stories become the community analogies both in learning and communicating.

In early times, how would you express a thought? The easiest way would be the similies and analogies.

A story in a thought you use to emote a feeling in the listener.

The on;y stories that work, are the ones you both know. Earlier in my journey I started by using Star Trek scenes and plots as my analogy stories and could match almost any situation to an analogy from Star Trek.

Making those connections still happens today, and they feel fun, like a prize win, even if it’s a lame prize. A feeling.

Every so often I will be hit with profound respect. A life situation will unfold before me, and I’ll flash to a STAR TREK episode and realize this is a new level of understanding.

Perhaps Hieroglyphs are not a language, but pictures of events that will trigger emotions. Every person might have a different costume and those would signify community happenings to remember. Funerals, Parties, Sacrifices to the God , or Gods or non speciffic lower case vegan gluten-free nos msg god.

That joke may have been mean. It seems to attack a large percent of the population that either believes they are allergic to gluten and the people that will fight you if you say they’re not. Some people are, and some people find comfort in exclusion and unity.

I’m saying my small town would be considered racist today, and if I blog that in any way I think that isn’t wrong, I might lose a friend or three.

We need more words that mean emotions. We need to support the inclusion of gifs, jpgs, glphs and pngs… but less pdf and flash.

Evil spolied those for us.

Don’t touch it Mommy, it’s evil.

I might be starting to do weed every night alone because this is great, but I don’t think that is what I want.

What I want is somebody who can organize making this an actual thing.


The Bible was intended to be the community stories to use as life lessons and anologies.

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