First Pause. 4 minutes and 54 seconds was actually quite a long time before the first pause for this film. I got high on weed to watch it, and I think they knew that was their primary market. It starts off and you instantly realize, Ok.  This is called the last one for a reason. If you loved Sharknoado for the right amount of bad to be watchable and somewhat enjoyable, especially on weed, then you’re going to be dissapointed, becaue this one seems to have taken it too far, at least for me.

Time Travel and dinasaurs, but then I suppose I’m forgetting the plots of the previuous one. That’s the beauty of Sharlknado. You enjoy itm, but it doesn’t stick around in memory taking up valuable space. You watch, smile and forget how bad it was till the next one.

I’ll unpause and see if maybe I accidentally clicked ahead, or if this is how their story unfolds.

Ever since I spoke with an authour in a discussion on learning where to start yoiur stories.


I’m pretty sure he looked at the first Sharknado and said “I’m gonna need a bigger chainsaw”, which is a callback to the famously quoted line; “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” from the first shark movie. (Jaws may not have been the first shark movie, but it was the first I knew about.

As I watch the meriors that made the Dinasaurs extinct pummel down on prehistoric earth with Fin and his non robot wife and two others I wonder if the end starts Sharnado rather than stops it, depending on  whiuch version of time travel they use.

I think it would be funny if each one of them dies at the hands or mouth or foot of a dinasaur. 

Except Fin and his wife.

Then next quarter SciFi releases Dinado


Morganan is a man in dragf but wearing quite an impressive costumer. I think it would be neat to recreate for a man or a woman at a marquarde.

You’re in love with a robot head.

I laughed out loud at Excalibur.

Twisted Mister

Hyphin? hi-fin

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