I may rethink the busage of Hilter in this piece because generally speaking, I am very much against the use of Hilter and Nazzis for virtually every evil you’re against. Of course, I seem to believe my usage of comparing Trump to Hilter is different than all the rest.

Imagine with me for a moment, a comic strip villan. They are always trying to take opver the world, or the planet in the case of space comic book style villans.

Then, have a brief overview of the real dictators of small copunbtries through history. The Imperial System of measurement for the land was based on the feet, elbows and other body metrics as the standard Imperial System. The only thing in metric named after a man is the decemeter.

That joke seemed funny in my head, because it’s onscure since many people would not immediatyly have a clue what a decemeter was. It’s a short penis length. A tenth odf a meter. Then, after seeing it I realized —

That is as far as I got into my edible high today. It took nearly four hours from the point I ate the cookie. It was the last of it.

I was hoping to be rid of all my weed by the 17th, but later decided making a hard line in public on the ironic day weed use becomes legal in Canada, would not be an advbantages entery to fame.

I don’t like absolutes, because they’re a broken promise waiting to happen.

Anxiety is that feeling like the one you get waiting in expecataiuon of when your will fail. The other shoe to drop. Rather than enjoy your’re place, you think ahead to that moment when your brain smacks you in the face and tells you the truth, from the negative voice.

Like that feeling when your father is happy and friuendly, but rather than enjoy it, you watch him like a hawlk and develeop excellent skills to bail just before he Heckleizes. 

*side note. What was the other heckle word I invented. OMG.


Hecklers are regular people who have briefly, fr that moment, become Heckle versions of themselves. 

CRAP. Brain smuggly kills my momntary joy and says, No styupid, That’s Jeckle.

Right. But I’m still currently proud of the new word Jecklized version of themselves.

And then the famous catch phrase the cartoon version of me in this movie says; Ok, Where was I?

That was a quick side version. The weed is creeping in.

I totally forgot …

Oh yeah. It was a Grumpy Old Man complaint, because I frequently see things from the point opf view of me, but on weed.

John Stewart, On weeeeeed?

DIng. I think Animated Gifs are the human version of Family Guy cutaways, which is how my brain now thinks, especially notivable on weed.

At a birthday party last night.

-design note. Even if I never mention it, I’d like certain notes or changes in topic to be … To hard to describe, I won’t do it anyway.

In my brain, a bell goes off and my Doctoir appears in a round image inside my mind, just like Facebook messenger and those  – forgot the word for the on top of everything Androidd… buzz

This is the moment I stop, rtealize I’ve gone off the rails from my usualy #prideworthy work to the #shamewo– no, to the work I don’t think will be as great as I once thought.

I can stil visualize it as a monologue, but mostly I think it could be gretae, but not doing it at all is the only way to assure I won’t hate it and suffer.

Ding. I hate suffering. Everyone does but I’ve learned how to avoid it. By not feeling the sufering.

Reaction Lightbulb. Points to the doctor every time I kink his actions or words to an idea that makes sense now, or ythe unloicking of a memory that becomes an analogy story I can use to remember feelings I didn’t have.

I once made jokes about her father, as his funeral to a girl I was crushing on.

That was was triggered today by a conversation I did not start where a good friend of mine who is also evolving into a more social person. He said the most inappropriate places for humour would be a funeral, and with new lessons in mind, I felt the reaction for this memory. I did not, as I would have done before, tell my story. It is not one that needs to continue to be shared.

I understand there is one power that keeps catholics strong. Confession. A secret weapon that could be a hu…

respect. I am thinking with a strong bias against the thing religion turned into, because it seems very few of them are based on stories. They’re all based on an absolu… Sorry.

Most of the big ones are based on a story told as truth, but in such an absolute way that it creates boppoistion from anyone else who wants toi tell a different story.

If you sell a story as truth, the truth may lose. That is what they mean when you read the winners write history.

Everything in our.


Sorry. – 1 point for going off topic and -10 points for diverting to promote my new book.

ding. Vidual idea. Mya Rudolf although I know that doesn’t lok right spelling wise.

She could do quick Judge Judy type couirtcases where she basically just says NO to things that don’t exist, like a Shark Talk DRagoins Den Kickstarter pleade to the judfge.

My editor and producer says No. 

Go Nap.

4:51am Sunday.

I really had some cool idea but the idea of feeling I’m working von

Now I have to decide if.. fuck.

I’m worried about what I share. What I tell. What I explain, because being judged is something I’ve learned to ..

ding evolution story: What if your sperm contained memories from the moment of conception. Inherited things are memories of feelings. Sometimes two memories conflict and either the sperm or the egg side wins in a scoring binary system we now call the genome.

If our inheritance genetically is a batch of memories to link to feelings as we grow. Typically —

I Poauased and eventually caughty myself in a distraction scene of whether I am to appear proud or worried by my progress.

This is not a test, and yet I seem to believe I can do it wrong.

Even knowing this, I need to cling to a purpose, and so far it has always been to not annoy, interupt, distract, inconveinece and especially not vwake up for dinner from a deep sleep.

I loved that sketch on the black and white Andry Griffith show when he’d talk to the bear on the show.

I think maybe I wished I lived with a bear, rather than my Dad because a bear was usually perdicatble and didn’t ask you to try new things and …

To be fair, I worshipped my father more from afar. Althgough I wasn’t a part of any of the stuff he loved, I thought highly of him

Not sure how I would up here.

Doing. I have a lot of his pictures that sghowed up and got viuewed while cleaning my home from bed vbugs.

ding. When I think of something that connects, I imagine a score ticker of 10 points like a pre 70s pinball rolling score.

dinbg chuckam chuckua

memory Recap.  A while back a sid ethought stream was connecting how many things I have seen around me that link to where my head is at. I connect them after a bit of weed. 

So I wonder. Is thgis a genius thing, or a patient thing? 

Discovery hypothesis. All people who are suffering efects of gibberish may actually be geniusues that needed so much storage of thought, their motor functions are traded for ham, er, ram.

Previous therory recall: Everything we experiece from conception to death is streamed from analoge to human cell math. We know what DNA and Genes are, kind of, but fat cells may be memory.

Imagine if fat people could know more, have storage to spare that would include more empathy, like turning detail up one or down one to make your ghame work better cor faster.

When Stephen Hawkin realized what some of science stuff actually means, it exploded into his memory like a virtus over righting files with the new lightbulb revelations to our universe.

The moment anybody figures out the next step, they die, 


Frogstar’s Total Perspective Vortex

Monty Python Killer Joke

My own therory that our universe is finite bit 100% created through our sensors and stories.

Whoevere figured that out first, won. It’s still the case today.

The Hitchikers Guide to the galaxy starts, at least in part with a girl that figures out the secret the life, the universee and everything just moments before her universe explodes. I paraphrase as I believe intended, but in truth, just her eath  explodes, not to do with her in any way… unless it is.

One of the religions got the idea somehow that we could die at any minute, and the only sins that really truley mattered to God, were the unconfessed ones.

God wanted on;y people who had shared the stories of their evil out loud, at least once. That is a vbery powerful tool, for both good and evil. At 50,m I discovered how powerful it was to share my story. MY stories.

It has been my thouights since the start, that our universe is all from stories.


My brain is distracted by a jolt of guilt courtesy of a ringing phone. 

Ding. Feeling. I know what it feels like to use the phone, and be ignored. In today’s world, it’s the impression of a missed call that builds an emotion.

EMotion broke that sentence. I felt what it felt like when I discovered I’d let peole down.

Today I had a memory dispute between my story and her story. I’m pretty sure I’m right… but I might change my mind if she can find those body cells. I obcess so much, I’ve stacked memories on topp of others and emotions take up…


if other people save memories WITH their emotions, then I can understand how offencive I’ve been without that awareness. Like the persion that discovers what colour blindnmess is a thing at a late age… do his memries … no. that wasn’t the right analogy.

There is a Star Trek episode that gets a lot of attention. Many people my age, thgat grew up in and around the invention or at least popularization of fan gathering conventions, know known simply as cons… Comic Cons might be a brand name, but whatever.

ding . Score board goes down 10. Whatever counter=1

In this Star Trek episode which has been in front of my eyes and memories a higher than average number of times, although my current mindset is still finding my awareness has changed for patters in new areas.

loop fragment: If instinct is just core memories placed from sperm and egg unloving programing access in a continuous stream you need to grow up to concieve, but as early as it starts, you can feel a positive or negative vibe to reactions, and some braiuns make the connections to what you see, and those feelings.

In a God story, it literally could be your game master hitting the green button for the things it wants you to learn and a red button for a feeling that is uncomfotable.

two base feelings.

as you grow, there arre less need for the bad feelings because you’ve learned how to avoid triggering them.

In my case, my home life was often uncormfortable, so I gladly donated those memories to be avoideed. They are the keeper of the uncomnftrale feelings. The cage prevuiously referred to as the high security fence of tomorrow. It used to be a wall, but I keep peering into itr, so it became a fence.,

Climbing 70s schoolyard baseball backdrop fences was a skill everyone seemed to master but me.

The drem version of me was learning to long jump. 

I have pride in the awareness there are good thoughts here that need editing. It gives me a green light.

flash memory: In the new Fanatic series,  The Orville.

Side Note> I think The Orville is as great as TNG ever was for a show using a similar format in much the same way as every single murder detective show in my lifetuime.

edit. THat came out like I was calling The Orville a detective murder show. I want to make it clear it is not. Hopwever if tomorrow in the wqar on control, you may hear or see the headline Is The Orvile Just Another Detective Murder show? If so, my point is strenthened. IMDB does not list The Orville without intentional second and third clicks. At least on the app.

note. I retract all my complasints based on my core values. I may just be high. 

snap. I realized feelings exploding all at once with no room….

side thought.  Does cutting actually erase memories from your youth. They wouild be closer to the hands. They grow fast at first. In theory, wrist slits could actually num the memories from your teen age grow, where the arms extend.

I hope I … dream insnat. What if I was right. My tyheories of the universe might be ghenioius.

or crazy.

Fuck I hacked genius spelling every time.

ding. stop doing things the hard way. Lear how to spell genius,

see.  When you slow down.

And by you I mean the reader, you, reading as I.


rioadside stop. police testing foir piot.

excuse me sir, do you know why i asked you to stepn out of the car.

whatever he replies, copy checks a box on his chart.

Its the new roadside weed test.

What? How come I haven’t heard of this?

Be honest with yourself sir. How —

deleted bully type jokes. 

Its new, and 90% of the time, its 100% accurate, The other 10% is only 70% accurate so you have a 30% chance of cheating this test. 0f the 100%, all but 10% of them that were caught using drugs were previously known drug users.  That 10% was 50% male.

Do you understand what I’m saying.

If the person ciorrects you, he gets a pass.

If he understands and believes you, he gets a pass

if he is stoned, you arrest him.

You’ll know.  THey always know. Everybody knows. They know you’re high right now.

Or is that Just me….

Wait, is that a question?

Oh.  I was imagining… what if Trump is the kind of guy with a mental problem, and followers. What if the orange faced wild hair blond is actually going for the story. Going for the resl life grab at power.

Like thae moment in hearts when you decide, fuck everyonme, I’m going for ev ery triuck.

How easy / realistic would a dictatorship be to sneak up?

You need at least half, or a reasonably equal ampount of folowers, preferrably those willing and prepaired to be caled a patriot. It’s one of their core mnemories. Ameruicans re-teach more military stories than — I have no idea.  I’m activly lessoning the number of fake facts stated withgin my writings.

The elections are stories. The country is divided into voting herds 3 years ahead of your vote. Every citizen has to live with the understandinmg and beliefe that no matter how bad things are now, we’ll only have to wait till the next eklection.

Like the tribe swap on Survivor.

A changing of the dicttator.

The man we vote as the leader of our siode.

Many of them register. They’re they first line of the army. Loyal fans to the color and what they’re told is good. The other half of the party are the geniuses that onl;y want to win the game of success and a place on the leaderboard where you can use your numbers for good, or evil, but usually just a higher placement on the leaderboard, a name also given to riich white men at notoriously exclusive (whites only) sport.

Till the 90’s when they needed to have at least a few black friends, but one good enough to be fampus. Look everyone. We’re not exclusive anymore. 

Exc ept, when he was discovered to be too distracting and a recruitment tool for black golfers everwyeher, 


funny ending to the story. Trump dictates a legal end to term limits and obama and clinto team up and reset the voard… but always at a loss for emotions.

Wiuthout savibng emotions you can think faster and with more options in the same moment. more time for doubt to create memories of possible ways to fail.


or walks.

6pm. nap time. I didn’t get past the joke from the monologue but I constantly hear on TV, ways to impriove your crime. Virtually ever hour of every weeknight has at leats one channel showing idea crimes that would never be solved in many cases if they criminal hadn’t done this easy to avoid step.

You’re welcome.

Oh look, our Policeman’s Ball fund on;y made 12 dollars, but cost $42 milion.. again.

Government ios just the dictator that gets to say yes and no on the big choices in public. The two sides created and distribute the way to feel about the topics on your side, and recently, how it’s OK to hate and be volinet towards the wrong side… before they do and you’re not prepared.

The side that thinks it’s right ignores this while the other side buys more guns and finds the lock to the abandonned 1960s bomb shelter.

Trump abolishes term limites and announces an eection for 11 years. In a secret campain, Obamma wins in a blindside hosted by Jeff Proimbst.



Fello limited wardrobe regular guy named Jeff.

alt fs

no. I have va lot of confess Father WordPress.

loop snap: Confessing is therapy you do ypourself. All good therepy is I was told, last week in therapy.

A mindset is rteveal;ed and you have 8 days to understanbd and refresh and adapt.

A plan that will be ignored from this moment on.



The only thing that might kill us all faster than the warming of our atmospehere, is the loss of our personal and global trust.

Our society will crumbe when the last ones lose their trust.

I sinned. I lusted after another man’s wife, possibly obviously, or completily unnnoticed. I have no information to know.

If my lust comes with the package deal of emotions, I might explode. Like revealing the secrets of the universe witgh one new room filed with lightbulbs. One realization can pop all the bulbs at once like a flash photograph in a dark room.

If I suddenly have normal man lust, I could be in big troube.

but thats just the edible.

Ironic twist. I have found a single edible on a weekend might be the trick to kickstart my writing, but with a plamn or dicipline.

Trump could become a dicttator. The sigs are there to see, and the advanced and calculated increase in nazi pride is in ev eryone’s awarreness.

Today’s NCIS was about … No. It was Today’s MacGyver where evil geniuys cartoon vilans were recruiting students with swayable views to blow things up falsly believeing they were doing goiod.

I believe in my true heard that the next eection was possibly a disaaster \start to a war. Trumps crazy is outrageous but the media is distracted and owned.WE have no idea what laws are backdoor traps for the upcoming revolution. Trump could seperate. He could buy utah and empoloyee everyone to build his golden city. Business wins. Media is controlled asndf trump worship is mandatory.

I’m not ready to impress

end of part 1

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