Let’s skip ahead and start with mamels and plants. Each season msmels eat plants. At the end of each season, the ones that survived mate.

In one season 90 percent of an entire discuss may be eaten and the ones that survived adapted somehow. As little as two survivors builds a new adaptation. Species going extinct was always part of the mechanism.

Each season, the only animals mating are the ones that didn’t get eaten or killed.

When time isn’t bring recorded, a million years is meaningless. Nature evokves by eating the ones that didn’t.

At some point in the cycle, a species may reach a period where nothing is eating them anymore and their populations explode in a season or or three.

Example as a visual that may not be factual.

Hippos that were 

I’m tired. I started it. 

T shirt idea

Make fun of unicorns and they might evolve into rhinos. 

This could help you wrap around the idea of an insect that looks like a poisonous one or has a rattle or blank.

If you look at any animal, chances are it is unique in its defence about being eaten and unique in how it finds its food. 

Just imagine the loops in your mind for a squirrel to become a skunk. Like attraction seems to be an in… At this point I stop and see how these words could be used to sway opinion 

The casualties.


I love the idea of a movie performance called the fourth wall. Idea

Two people come out on stage and are cheery and energetic. They introduce themselves perhaps as the Transparent Players in a local production of Translucent Comedy, entitled the fourth wall.

What follows is a show of however long you want, performed as live, but presented as a scripted play about the fourth wall. 

From the moment anyone in the cast, as large as you want, all playing improv actors or audience members.

The gag is that you keep insisting every single word if everything you’re seeing is scripted, including the hecklers and questions from the audience. All the jokes you want live and whatever the reaction you can get another laugh showing the script.

After the event their parting gift could be the script word for word and stirybox artwork.


Magic trick..never neve. It was impossible.

130am. Just weed 

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