I don’t know if it is on purpose, or just the fluke of the architectural layout of this old hospital but the waiting room I visit daily sits in a zone of no service.

Not only no wifi, which I forgive, but no service for my cell phone at all. No data and today, even the regular voice connection is zero bars.

It is my nature to be a little early for everything and today, I was out and about so my arrival was more than an hour ahead of my scheduled 4:20 appointment.

It’s a hot day in the city and because its also our Canada Day long weekend, many if the things I could fill that time with, are closed. I simply ran out if time wasting things so I came here to sit in the waiting room

My visits are daily but I still managed yo forget they font have Air Conditioning here and no vonnection for connecting to the net for passing the time


I can always write. I don’t need a connection, and it might just keep my.mind off the building warmth and head sweat


I’m still 45 minutes early though. I think ill wander back to the cool lobby area and breathe some cooler air and start a quest for water.


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