This is the unedited live brain transcript of an email I was going to send to the last person close to me that has never been let in on my secret life of a stoner. There is an asterisk (*) in there somewhere. That was the moment in my thpought process when I realized the edibles were kicking in and this was better siuited to my blog, and then written by the not high version of me.

[brain: crap. If I share this, it is the first proof that I am off the wagon again, and those who might still cling to the hope that I’ll be able to — I’m still too high top do this conversation and…

holy fuck. ding. Realization: this is a crucial moment where the idea of split personalities becomes possible. My universe now understands how it appears in your mind. My brain flooded with the joy of a new idea. While realizing how the partner I’ve been seeking to complete — no, the complmentary personalities that happen to click. #clickorclash 

I suddenly clicked, what if I am my perfect partner? OrangeJeff gets high and writes and talks without fear or conciquence, and then the next day, Jeff prime interprets the drunk-talk gibberish and edits the ideas of worth into quotes, teets, buysiness ideas, and other marketable content. I’d love to syndicate daily content or a 24 hour network.

dreams possibler free tomorrow. announces it wants to be a 24 hour a day network with 15 minutes or more content, perhaps moderated with celebrity or  talented (or both) VJ personality like radio and then MTV.

dream: almost all my ideas with the most excitment and poyential are ones that allow the users to make an income for themselves. Imagine a contest tender. Submit your audition in full video for the news at 6pm and 11pm first. then, this becomes the 6 and 11 time slots, but with at least 1 channel live 24/7.  the prime default channel 42 and 420 in hd are determined by the most successful alternative channels. The user can then click channels up, down or numeric input.  if you never stop accetiung submissions, the 6pm news channel copuld be peoples go to entertainment espesially if we can — no, wee could never stop pirate copies, because live tv .. nevermind. I thought ahead a few scenarios in my head.  I fall victum to replaying success in my head and my scenartio imagination is hyper to the good stories.

My stream undercurrent villan is the joy scrushing second voice scenarios dissapointment at the failure scenarios, which unfortunatly incude every single memory I have from past performance.

I write my own stories. I have written what happend last time. My brain on the climb up of joiy as my ideas link and connect and can see a clear path to success. I sincerly believe my idea is perfect… in ther moment. Everything is, until the first share. My second voice takes the loud speaker in my head, never seen, but heard, like in Real Genius. The truth, one might say, but with my super power of framing, 

Stat over. ding

OMGM: The realization that Start Over. As I typed those words, my mind ffilled with one specific thought. That one time I was about to make use of that concept here. I don’t want to edit my typing, because I really am. bam… I really am trying to think only at the speed of my fngers.


Breathe. What would real Heff, no, what did I decide on. Jeff prime. Jeff .. God. Fuck. I can’t say that. In today’s world, ity may already be too late, like that time I was on a date and used the word… 

ding start over.


The edibles getr worse with time so I have limited time left to articvulate in reverse oredr to the symptom of gibberish.

Start Over. Yes.

It’s who I have always been, and then my library of memories lights up with good like prescion of all the times I have stopped in the middle, and started over with optomisim. It is who I am.

Deep, to a core level. Once I have reached the peak of the idea, and take a breath, the crusher of joy that is really just an inner perspeftive based on my external;y aquired bias. My inner second voice is the yang that can understand the differejce between being a thinker respected, and a mad man rambling is perspective. To me, as te center of my universe, am the bfinite but ever learning keeper of everything I’ve been withness to, in the universe I sharte with everyone, and the memories of my happy ideas. It is sincerly a bliss I have learned to ride — perhaps a lot.

The end result, I say, realiaizng the nagativity of it as I type and.. I pause. That did the trick. My brain literally saw that negativite thoughts were approaching, but when rducing to the speed of thoughht dicttaed by the speed of my typing, I can’t …

Start again.

It is the end of the sentence nwhen my brain takes longer pauses because of pride and weirness… 

The end of the sentence, is where the period leaves ever so slighly a pause in the floiw of thought, and the second voice inside my head gtets to rebuttle. 

ding ding

POride pooint. My phone een beeped in real life here, like a ding — whoa. That’s actually pretty cool.

side: if … whoa.

All those live chat webcam girls have their viewers literally ringing bells as a reward to the presenter.

Not aplause. Not a human show of praiuse and appreciation, but a single point of joy. I’ve been calling mine Pride Points but Facebook represents the same concept with diferent words. Same reaction. Humans have evloved to have a posiotive emotional reaction almost like … pin prick thoughtof and rejected the moment I saw the thought. No. Literature doesn’t have to take the best story if another version —

I start over because when I pause, the econd voice reacts. I remember the last time I tried the catch the rioadrunner feeling. 

Humans have evolved to react to the joy of a new idea..

ding start opver

I have evolved, like many others of this period in time, to react instantly to the joy of a new thought. The front line of now, where I’m on my way up with each thought that connects to anotyhert.

It surfs as high bas I can thinking of why the bidea is all posible and with the right market interaction, any outcome is acceptable to the joy of.

This is so amazing in my head right now reader, but the ideas are blocked by the negative thoughts. It assures me I look a fool to anyone, and forgets the thoughts to a hidden wing in my librariues of all I can remember. My finite universe which never really learned to remember secquentially because the memoiries ere all just the good stories I would imagine, laying in bed at night, after my mother had been yelled at in what I remember was way more mean than a gentleman should cross in anger.

ding. Tears. I can not be sure how often th..

I have a good story or ten in that direction, and indeed, the memoryes of my father are mixed, but I am in that chapter of my life story that coirrispnds to now.

Like spacegalls where they fast forward to NOW in the picture.


Start over.

We have become conditioned to respend to, and therefore, seek out the feeling o joy, in a single short tone of positive “ding”

Imagine if you can, hearing a comfoting ding every time somebody clicked with what —

dingd ding ding.

That is a …

the scond voice really wants me to stop. To not do the deeo stuff under this level of THC edible. I will find joy in other areas, but I know I will not be able to trtascribe fst enough, the level of acy\tual learned joy, from the right ding.

I referehce the pavlov.

dung dunf.

wow.  AMY pgone did a negative bell, and I stopped the thought, forgot it and the shock of that hits me hard, going against my obcession to write like this.

Start Again.

I got my first third bvoice reaction. I will say the feeling of a ..

I am temporarily sad that I have just creayed the imagination scenario that tis new verion of my NOW must endure. I am, on the edge of now, loving this thought, and the play shorthand

but too high… probably 


I’m going to seek less stressful laughs.

no. I’ll ride it out.  MY best hope of a happy ending to this level of edibe mintoxication.

AT THIS MOMENT, it is obcibable this offence will send me back to the hostital,m thus…

video cnines.

I’m working on my webcam site and thought it woukd be funny to allow users to talk to an Alexa via the web. Turn on and off my lamps and whatever… while I am living in the room.

I did it x10 with asp back in front page days. I have the web server runninghg on the local machine. Is it possible for html to trigger windows tasks like playing an uploaded wav on the speakers?

Do you know anything about network hooks to send commands to html or other web?

My idea is silly, but if I hasd such a tool, and attention, We could sell one to anyone with a business that likes stunt marketing. Croiwd sourced chooing with l;ive results ads a base, a WordPress $15 plugin might sell lots. (grin)

Fish cams, breedere birth webcams, etec etc.  I play with the CN Tower webcams all the time. Petting zoos?

My miond explodes with the things you could let people pay to choose.  More than setting the times square banner for 5 seconds.

Maybe I’ll ask Steve Punter to write it, and get an amazin AR tool for golfing that will be the great.

I was about to order the cheapest plug and switch on amazon just so I could turn * off the bedroom light without getting out of bed. I have had that obcession since I was 7. I’ve been dreaming and implementing various ways over the years. I’m still attached to a fannypack by a small tube, and I get half way to the lightswitch just as the bag laying on my matress has run out of slack, and it snaps me back to leash like a cartoon dog chasing you to the limit of his chain. I always forget till it snaps me back.  So close, but I go back with the attached fanny pack to turn off the light.

And then it’s too dark to navigate back to bed in the dark without the tubing catching on the chair and bouncing me back. As a cartoon, the stretch –

Remember ?

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