I think I’m watching a romantic comedy but I’m not quite sure. It’s a NetFlix film. It hasn’t made me cry yet, but I was halfway there before I started anyway. It’s a Thursday.

It’s a weird week. I’ve been down more than usual because I’m not used to the poverty lifestyle. The stoned poverty lifestyle.

The movie isn’t one I can really relate to. It’s called Like Father.

I’m just in a blah mood.  I have no urgent work to complete, and I’ve sent out all my invoices for August. Money should start rolling in and it’s a good month for money, but it won’t be enough. My income is not enough to pay my most basic bills and when I get behind, it’s worse.

The three times in my life I’ve been actually out of money have been the lowest of my depression. I’m hoping this isn’t that bad, and a slump is followed by a bump. The good news is nobody is mad at me this time – yet.

Just me.

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