lthough I sincerely have tried to stop using other people as a comparison for a normal I wish I was. Other guys can do things I can’t. I have a very low threshold for negativity. I have identified that Iam capable of ignoring it.

Imagine for a moment that your universe is actually making changes so I’ll react. There are over 7 billion humans alive rounded down a billion or so that hide from the counter, There is only one me, and my universe began at my conception. THe literal science of Nothing changed till two become one to procreate.

The universe needs us to procreate in a couple.

I try not to be offended that my universe seems to be OK with my brain type not being good enough to evolve.


shit. Icame home with some brand new weed shatter. A concentrated good that you heat up and inhale. It’s strong weed that does not sthink like weed and linger.

It’s been a while since Idid weed and I bought the strongest strain in town. I forgot how it ends. Iactually was surprised …

Anyway, I forgot what I was writing, and in my head at least this is how I will seem. I make mistakes, not on purpose but because of the way my brain works. There seems to be some disconnect in timing. I see what I said after I’ve said it, hearing it in the same moment of NOW for both of us. I have to believe that isn’t how your brain works.

As intelligent at understanding as I believe I am a one of a kind, as was every one else. I have yet to find the one.

I never learned how to live alone. Inever learned how to live in my life. Up until my original story moment begins, I never learned how to adult.

I feel the need to point out I am capable of stiories written without the creativity that explodes into my imagination with weed.

I have a pride in my universe. It began shortly before my exposure to the real universe, but from the point of my seperate from 2 to one, It’s my own universe.

Ponder. Everything thing in our known universe is just a story the instant it happened.

My universe exists in evefrything I can sense from the moment dark became light, and fog became huge heads.

From that moment, I am 100% responsible for the way I percieve my universe. The combined memories of what happened created a past.

— Idon’t want to give it away here. Ihad to give up on a few dozen ideas that visualize in my head as I listen to whatever Ican at any given moment. Every moment is converted into a story, and saved to brain.

We just don’t save most of it with keywords so it’s not easily retrieved.

Iwish Icould write my book without it being hard.

I don’t do hard well. Instant Gratification scans the area and reframed a bad story into a good story. The topic is changed and I’m smiling.

I quite seriously ignore it and so far, that has worked so much better than anyone could expect, except perhaps Ferris Beualler. I would guestimate that it has definately all turned out fine in the end.

If it isn’t;the yet fine, it isn’t the end.

oh fuck. If they determine me incapable of making descions that lead to consequences, my life could change big time in currently inconceivable ways.

I am a paradox, and Ihonestly am only 60%sure that’s the right word. I am a cat in a box you can’t predict. I both simultaneously want both choices and I will have a very difficult time choosing for me.

I am sad this might make me appear a fool. I am William Hung in a Charlie Brown short sleeve striped shirt wearing a Gilligan cap. The awkward young man that just does things instantly and continually makes the wrong descions.

I was a pretty smart guy till my first girlfriend would disagree. I was always wrong, because whatever idea came to me first was the one I took.

Using my canoe in the stream analogy from earlier, I am not choosing which fork. The River is.

Making a choice might offend somebody, or not be the right brand. Making a choice means not choosing the other. If I am whole, then I have another brain to satisfy. Deciding between A and Bwhen it is for anyone, Ican decide instantly.

I’ve been living in other people’s lives. My survival superpower is that I can take the first greeting instant first impressions.

Disclaimed. I am examining a thought stream scenario. THis does not mean Ibelieve the things might say.

I finally figured that out, after less than a years therapy with a social worker, I am a likeable guy. Iam a Jeff.

Four letter names can use the power of a remembered name as a powerful tool.

If each of us exists in our own knowledge universe. Think of your brain and body as a gigantic library, except it’s advanced so everything is streamed live into math, and stored inside the cells.

My universe grows every time you learn a new story to interpret and remember into the gray good library.

I am the curator of my memories. They are here for reference to assist my ability to tell stories.

(this needs a second draft. Iam saying things out of order.. WIth a new hope in trials I have the boost that needs to begin each.


Previosuly on, I am the author of everything in my universe. I get to decide how Itell the story.

ding ding ding. My head just had a quick back and forth debate over whether to introduce the brain debate team but my visualization of that imagery over powered the previous thoughts.

ding: suddenly the light pendant that the men in black could actually erase specific cells and whatever they said after the flash would technically be the reality your universe saves.

Isound crazy, but this is my late life’s work. This is my hope.

Ihave to face my fears and then instantaneously accept, adapt and reframed. I have pre-imagined the good outcome, and stolen that joy.

Because then something is revealed, and guillgan is responsible for the 124th failed attempt at rescue.

But everybody loved Guligan.

I wanted to stop writing everal times but Isee Iam experiencing heightens joy and the confidence to ignore the fact that my first share can mean I failed, and Imove on.

I’m just going to keep doing ideas, even if the order isn’t correct.

Our memory saves stories Self contained moments as we convert what we believe into a story that could be remembered and recalled.

(working through the guilt of wasting somebody’s time to be the first share.. I am pretty imagining the annoyance level I am causing. I feel bad for failing every time… but I don’t deny that it is a pattern we could even learn to adapt to, but we’d need one to become 2 again. A sperm is useless without 2 becoming one.

When it clicks, the lightning and fireworks go off inside your head. The first smile is almost enough.

Agreat smile can change me. I am able to feel a smile.

My computer like brain can’t sort and process all the input. It overloads, overheats and blows a load of sexual waste product.

ctrl alt delete.

I sometimes need a second take on a failed moment. I loop.

I Monday the moment. a fresh hard drive after a format. take 2.

In cases were it’s possible, second time is a charm.

Four letter name. You may remember him and his name for decades.

My smile and awkward sincerity is genuine and I build trust by sharing a story.

your universe has procreate. a new version of your story is in somebody else’s brain. your universe lives on in sioebody else’s.

I lived in other people’s life. I thought I shared a great chunk of my universe wisdoms, ideas and new business. I shared things from my universe library I’m proud to pass on, because one of my dreams was to imagine shcoool children 300 years from now, reading one of these stream of consciousness as fast as I can type in single file. The teacher explains what I meant by some passage and it becomes a lesson for centuries.

It would be wrong. I can imagine the outcome and with a wish, but I’d rather not guess. I could be wrong.

I don’t do risk. It’s the negative emotion I can easily avoided by not choosing new.

break. toke and check in on my either embarrassing overshare with a childlike crush.

I told her as well. I am weak to a smile.

I have borrowed on the joy of the first share getting it as smiling. I create imagination visuals in detail of success. I steal the joy of success from the future because I know it’s the choice I won’t be taking.

I hope I don’t throw out the ones that are not chosen. that means our brain memory actually stores alternate outcomes. It remembers the stories that happened and didn’t happen, and could retell anyone who listened, whatever is told, is reality.

If you believe it, then in your universe it is true.

too deep. I’ll return with the story of Superwoman. A hot body, great face and the same magical personality that adapts to be likeable and memorable.

Actual steps, beginning with the three letter name guys with long versions or the 4 letter name guys in close second.

everybody remembers Bob. I’m hoping my combination three letter name and how fast we adapt to what’s needed to click.

actual trainable steps.

ding. Could this be as world book you’re lifestyle self help?

Are you master of your universe?

Yes. Because even if you can’t change what happens, but I do get to tell the story.

Once you realize the entire unisevr is just the stories we’re told, and the stories we Tell.

When the 3 letter names guys figure out, The most powerful position in our world, is the one who gets to tell the story that most people will believe.

WHen you figure out you are the actual God of your universe. You can create it in your image, and tell the story with unicorns.

If you believe it, it is true, in your universe. If you don’t share, it explodes and the memory is lost.

If you learn something every day you expand your reference library with more stories.

The storytellers are the winners. Best story becomes the official story.

One witness stories happened just like he said.

I think I lost it there. this is the first break. 7:40 on a Monday. Good and bad… I’m still streaming consciousness. A break now would mean a continuity break.

More News with Anchorman Jeff after this important toke that will probably Monday his brain, like setting the restaurant tables for breakfast at night.

——–742. toke

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