I have started my anxiety phase. The 14th is the day ofmy new mental health evaluation. I don’t want to write about it because yjinking about it in my head isstill a better memory than if I say it out loud.

— I would love a keyboard for night writing. Of the 20 or so odd keyboards I have at my disposal, virtually every one has a spacebar that is as loud today as it was when the typwriter was first invented. It vlangs every word transition more frequently than a tin can in a street on a street with regular car traffc.

I see that and i can’t judge.

I know I’m funny, but recent events including embarrasment, humiliation and a lot of rejection from the previous recap. I need to believe writing is fun and might be rewarding, but even when I’m trying my best, I don’t often stay on point and finish a story that I don’t really want to tell. That upsets me because it’s kind of thing. 

There are two things I ask anyone who gets close to never do. Never yell in anger or frustration and I currently forget the other one. Up until this writing my only rule was don’t tell me my mood, and don’t yell. Oh… that’s two.  

If you move in with me, the only added rule is no microwave popcorn.

Respect is an internal thing but I need to respect a good friend, and its hard to earn that back. Respect is more or less making similar life choices or be avle to explain the ones I don’t match on.

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