Ron walks onto the stage from the left and the screen is so big you don’t realize its a man right away. The spotlight Jon was operating from the balcony found him, and he turned on the microphone.

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming tonight. I know it’s short notice but I only do this once every seven years and I don’t want an audience that bought tickets in advance. I show this film tonight to you. My community. For those that don’t know me, I’m Ron and I live in the old castle on the hill with Don. Over the last 50+ years, we’ve been pretty much private about what goes on up there, but we’ve been documenting it on film since the second day I took over ownership, 52 years ago today.

Don yells from the back, three days later for me, so I get my own cake.

I expect a mixed reation from you, as I should from any sizable audience, especially when confronted with something new. Something we can’t quite know how to react to. This film will expose some secrets that ypu might be afraid to accept.

That’s your problem.

The spotlight goes out and the movie begins.

That was the day I was shown the timekeeper. A massive object that seems to record time. Not a clock, but an ever growing thing that has been counting the earths rptation forever. It looked like wood, but it was harder than rock.

Does it work? I asked. It’s not moving.

It was moving. It never stops. It’s just moving at the speed of time so we can’t see it move, we can only notice when it has. Like two cars racing side by side seem still to each other.

Even though I just turned 18, I understood the concept.

Then the moment that changed my life. He told me, if I wanted the gig, I copuld be the new caretaker. The job came with the castle and everything in it, incl;uding a fortune in money. He explained hed’d been the caretaker since he was 18 and it was passed down to him.

What would I do?

only 1 thing, but its a very important thing. So important I’ll even let you bring that nerdy kid you hang around with. Its a better job for two.  Not hard enough for two, no good golly no, but so important it can’t be missed. ever.


once a day, every day for as long as you can, this little switch has to be flipped.

ok and…

nope. Thats it. That is the job.  It needs to be within the last 8 minutes before midnight every day. Not before and not after.

I’m confused.

I know. mind boggling. I’ve been doing it for most of my life. You can live a perfectly normal life otherwise as long as that switch gets flipped before midnight… so to be safe, you can’t really be social with Jon. One or the other will be here to flip it.

What happens if it doesn’t get flipped?

Its bad. Real bad… as in, don’t let it happen.  We don’t know what this is, or what it does, but there aew two, and the other one is opposite on the other side of the earth.  This one runs one instant faster, and if they don’t hit the new day in sync. earthquakes and storms and all sorts of bad things. Its like when a tire loses it’s sync wait.


I’ve never missed a switch. Its a sacrifice but the payoff it a life of virtually anything you want.

Its yours if you want it. There are a few other rules, and you can’t tell anyone other than your #2. Nobody.

I said yes, and for the next 54 years,I waste caretaker… but my predisessor left out some huge parts of the story.

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