I am revved up like a dooce, another runner in the night.

The tool of the moment is KIK. A surprisingly poor chat program that has caught on because of it’s simplicity and lack of frills… plus it’s kind of anonymous-ish. It is however another chat tool that does not have a fee, and I can access people in related communities and practice my being a human studies. 

Like most social media, I am not their prime demographic anymore. I used to kid myself and think I could hang with the younger crowd without being the  creepy old guy nobody could figure out. I peaked and over the hill means I’m not welome at the kids world. KiK is on the border of allowing me to exist and interact. To try out my new material.

I’m still saying a lot of the wrong things. I kind of insulted one guy, and it stuck. In KiK, people just go away mid chat often and one comment clears the room and stays on the screen for hours tyo anyone looking.

I can almost fake it enough, and become a part of the community. I can feel like I belong, and then I say something and lose my place of respect and usually quit, and call it a fail.  

I think I still like TinyChat or Jumpinchat better.

Kik is there, and it’s much easier to say something than TinyChat is for me now.

It’s hard work to keep a virtual friend.

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