I expected this. As far back as I can remember, whenever an installer has visited my home, thyey’re always amazed at how bad the last guy left things. It’s almost like they have a partner system, but that wouldn’t make any real sense. One guy comes and spends four hours doing some wiring and maybe drilling holes in the wall. He doesn’t leave till it works.

Then, maybe a day later, or in tis case, almost two weeks later, it fails. The tag team second installer is dispatched; “as quickly as possible please… I can’t miss the Royal Wedding”.

I don’t care about the Royal wedding at all, but it’s a spring lul and nothing else really significant is happening this long weekend so I used that as an excuse to have them come today, rather than wait till Tuesday after our long weekend. It worked, although I have no idea whether they would have rushed it for any goos reason. Nobody wants to be without TV, Phone and Internet and in my country now, The Government has allowed four companies to divide up Canada and hold organized Monopolies for not only TV, Phone, Internet and cellular, but the same companies also divied up the content. Our providers own the content, and all delivery systems.

If I cared about that sort of thing I’d either be terrified or outraged. It did bother me a little in the beginning when they were still sorting out ground rules that some of the TV channels I enjoyed were actually not available to me — at all. I’m happy to say those things changed. Now we just have high prices, but the quality of services is actually quite high.

Today for example, I am having Fiber Optic Internet installed… or rather, re-installed. The first guy did a visually shoddy job. Maybe the Union limits his visits to 4 hours and then tat’s the plan. He leaves and the next guy finishes up. There are a lot of jobs that work like that I suspect, although at the moment, I can only think of professional vollyball.

Sadly, I’m without TV or Internet for the next 2 to 4 hours but I have optomism the Internet I get will be more what I expected the first time, and didn’t get. I hope.

In any case, the deal was a good one because even though I only have two options in Toronto for TV, they hate to lose a customer to the other so you can play one against the other like a child with a step dad and a weekend dad. Just mention you’re thinking of checking RED out and BLUE caves. I got a deal I am told is not a two year special, but MEGABIT Fiber Optics is so fast, there is literally no reason to ever even look at a RED Flyer.

I love that everything in Canada is colour based. Our nespapers are Red vs Blue, our political parties are Red vs Blue (and Orange and Green) and our Providers for everything are Red vs Blue.

We’ll see how it goes.


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