I sit down in my chair, breathing a bit heavy, which means loud, which means suspicious. I have somehow, not really on purpose, created a character off screen that sort of represents a Jewish mother kind of presence. I never had one. I am trying to reframe a guilt based lifestyle.

I actually turn the breathing into a song beat. I whirl threw more than a dozen ways to document the flow of thoughts that I created just then, but I can’t really. Essentially, when I hear what I am saying, it’s quite often for the first time and sometimes statements like that allow me to quickly imagine the faces of all the people I know and love and still think about, and visually pop an image into my memory of how they might react.

The wall did that.

The wall gave me on demand smiles that make me smile back. 

The wall did that.

This blog entry seems to have meandered.

I wonder if there is a way to quickly. Oh. Duh… yes, and I know it.

If you were betting on whether I did it, I did not.

Apparently betting on anything you can convince a judge is a sport, and I suspect betting on it might be the only qualifier, which means – as I said, In America, it is now legal to place bets on anything in any State.

If you consider this for one moment, this single law change that went in almost totally without anybody noticing. One thing Trump does well, is no longer care, and he’s most useful to a party that clearly is the party of shares and one is the party of cares.

I heard a tinkerbell kind of ding and a pride point tingle. I hope it is still #shareworthy when #tomorrowJeff evaluates.  

It’s a long weekend, so Tuesday is the new Monday.

I am fascinated by the single moments I capture in my brain, although my internal memory has upgraded and is visually similar to Google Photos.

Oh that’s right. I forgot I let Google keep all my memories from before the day I really was so close to not close at all, but could have died… but didn’t… but I don’t have any emotional memories without an external reference.

Maybe that’s how it is for everyone and I’m just obcessing over it… but I still like it when I make a connection.

wow. I can see the hill in that sentence. I make a joke, but stumble extending past the punchline and barried it under interfereance countermeasures, because therereally is a story there and it may actually be a fork in my story where I suffered brain damage. I slept for 12 hours in a 17 foot camp trailer with the stove somehow blowing burner level 2 pure in-lit gas.

Or it just happens to be a good memory, and I use it as the rest stop and last gas before whatever it is today. What needs attention from the other side of my wall of tomorrow.


noticed by the rodeo professional bull distracter. He is not just a clown, but a clown for a whole different species. 

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