I am Remington Steele, only for a group of people who wouldn’t trust a guy named Remington Steele and wore those kind of suits. She should have stuck with 5 lettters or less. One sylable still. A private detective does well with the same names as the car salesman. They have a similar implied trust that you choose to accept because the law makes it mandatory.

I wonder. My Insurance company seems to have joined sides in the Red vs Blue game. Of course my TV provider and creator and curator also sells products, and insuramce and home security.

Reframing the world is a mental health issue and coping mechanism helping me build an undersanding of my own personal universe, but I am not blind to the opportunities it opens up to creating a new market for old things. Reframing is Rebraninding.

I’m going down for nappies.

6:33 am. Nod to Wilson.

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