They gave me 6 demerit points for using Should in the title.

Cartoon version of me. Bam


3 friends from high school download Sentiance Pak A. Lore.

Egan downloads Sentiance Pak B. Data.

The three of you look at each other with smiles, as will those of you readers who see setiance and that Lore and Datat, the two brothers that we’re so different because Lore had choice, they called it emotions that corrupted, but it goes down to choice. In every way, data didn’t comprehend a place where there was ever a situation he could recall having a choice.

A musical … Igf 

If I were standing, I’d have fallen down by now. I think that might be a this g.

Is this a thing?

Can it be? 

Ding. Business idea.

Suggest it to existing divi dev. Your own community 

Fuck. I’m drunk like swasted and in SL I can.



I am looking for an assortment of participants, for an experiment to change things up the notch this gen needs to be used as the thing that made this horribly unnamed decade none of us alive ever bothered with.

My entire life’s knowelge of history was in the thumnails used on the file folder icon. But it always started with the 20s, the 30s… My favourite was the music of the nibeties. It’s funny, because of what it is, but it is funny that I’m an old man with a white furry beard and I’m saying the birth of rave music and the seem less growth that allowed for anyone to claim early spots that will be saved as the Masters used as the base analogies. The stars. Whether they should be is missing their point.

When you first start to understand, 

I don’t want to spoil it.

When you make the story the priority, there is no good or bad. 

When you start to understand it’s one of those lightbulb moments when your connection clicks, you might be startled a whole fourth wall lights up and you 

No spoilers.

The basic premise. I believe the world is ready to say yes to a new religion to switch to, as long as you never ever call it that or even talk if this again. That is crazy talk. I feel like if I nod the right way, all these waiters night never be seen again.

Let me start over. Literally. I use the world literally here with a nod to changing times. Many might say it was one of the first walls to decay.

The powers that we arbitrarily without ever signing a licence agreement with, as a nation allow two or three companies that are more likely one. We let the dictionary publishers more or less lierarily. Take 2 Quite Literarily having the accepted holders of our cultures words.

Each year, several words vanish and new updates stay current with words that have reached a certain level of awareness. 

One of the recent changes given in to usage from word nerds as a major blow. The usage of literally was changed to allow either classic usage where it is a statement of absolute. If I had to guess, it might refer to it is written. There is.


Did I mention how drunk I felt? Why am I blogging about.

Who who who. Stop the clock.

I blog because I love doing it and have pride in seeing a marked imorivenent but still shielded.

Loop recall.

The idea that we create a video liveatream of the three of us who quite literally have not been in touch beyond Facebook and a free hamburger. 

What if, for 1 1 hour minimum a night, we all wake up as avatars in that universe. We exist as those avatars. I think the three of us could pull off being watchable and if we did it right and partnered big first, we could be the studio for recording everyone content on an internet media producer. 

But first… My experiment is this. For some things, the humour of the mechanics will be there. For others, the humour of that being my world is huge. It opens up a new genre of fantasy almost in the same way  Lego executives must have gone wild as the light bulb goes on making the first connection that… Oh. I can do any remake or story inagibabls. Lego scores big points for inventing a new way of … Well.. 

Basically it was a huge hit and they realized they have created a new library of go to money making movies that double as commercials for the tots. The Transformers laugh at you, and then trip and fall because they stepped on one red 2×6 piece.

Classic Goliath 

High wave, hi wave. Wave wave. Wave wave wave

Too tired to type. Mouth sores got bad but it might just be dehydration.


I should ask somebody about thatD

Doesn’t ask somebody about that.

t.1963 to …  When ever the first one finally starts to insist. 

Hi Wayne, I’ll take the first offer. Monty Halls ghost told me it makes math sense to change your mind when he asks but in my universe doesn’t talk about that. 

The idea of three comic styles and lifestyles tossed into another universe that is so different but, well it’s actually familiar. 

Three high school friends from different circles are oddly ruunited and wake up to a world less defined. Classic mirror reveal.

There is Egan, and Norman both in bodies totally new to them. I on the other hand will have my seasoned Second Life body and wardrobe.

The three of us appear and I’m there to explain. Oddly enough, earth was actually about to be destroyed by and astroid belt that was redirected to make way for an interstellar … Whatever. I think there is never going to be a straight line.


Hi. Hold your attention if you can, amist what you’ve accepted on your terms what must feel … 

Hi. It me. Oh, sorry you’d have no reason to know who I am. I’m so sorry. I promise my explanation will help. Your belief in the story you’re going to hear tonight will either make perfect sense and validate your suspicions…

Or not.

Let me first say, this feeling is real, and this story. This universe… Well it’s your Second Life now. There is no going back, although thanks to Google, we have access to all our videos and photos. Nothing else.

Do I want to know?

Let me answer that question by telling you your question is stupid, but not for the reason you might struggle to come up with if suddenly you were in a game show being asked to tell the story of a photo.

Imagine now, these castaways are streaming live and are recording and streaming for x hours but I will be streaming both universes with the webcams. 

I still think there could be enough stuff to be…

It became exhausting to hold back just hating it all and running away because that idea could be golden. Think how few people have to watch a web video to make a nice mention and 6 million views 

Open loops have stress.

Oh. Yes. Open loops { . The smile is the best closure…  }

End relectently.


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