I experienced a few high points in my Universe today. I hesitate to call them miracles but the Christians abolished all it’s synonymns.

I do not know this tobe true, but I believe it to be true, and so;

If I believe it, it is true, within my look.

I pause. The reader is stunned and may be thinking; you can’t do that… or perhaps youinstinctivly jumped to he can’t dothat, can he?

hink abouyt.

BAMThat sound. I finally pieced it to gether. A mystery sound that is amazingly like the dog next door.

Ding. #1. Google can hear my breathing, see mymotion, time my typing.

Just like Howard, they can only collect, but think how fast me clicking on a brand of DAB pipe/pen mini water bong.

If only I had a carol. My very first crush secratary on TV. She reminded me of Mrs. Broomhead and a mote sopisticaed level of humour. My mother has at least one story of horror I retained, and have passed on through reteling. Carol… oh crap. Wait. His wife was carol. I mixed her with Carol Burnet, could it be?

I would call my Google assistant except she’d be loud and — I think she’d know that.

Deep cutaway.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I am right. To me, the pieces connected and something just locked in.

Darn. I think I flooded the BAM.  I hate when the BAM is what causes the broken loops.

I cn re… pause.

This is the drama part.  Need some excersize.

end of whatever

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