I traced mans fascination with technology and gadgets back to the invention of the cord. Even more than the plug or even the invention which some nerds might enjoy retelling. One unexpected side effect of our current generation correction is that people suddenly became aware that the past was a horrible time, on so many levels. Holding our legendary historical stories and figures —

I stopped. I For a fraction of time, I saw the choice. Do I lose my cool and rant with rage as has become the acceptable norm? No. I see my words the moment I type. I laugh at those reactions.

I’m on level 54. I find most rage is freakin hilarious if viewed as the story you’re telling from the future. Basically, other people’s rage cabn be hilarious. Look at what people create for themselves when they have to be the one telling the big stories.

Ponder Cloud. If our entire universe is just the stories, then the Storytellers are our true Creator.

Idea. Sell the Premise that you can timeshare a guy. Our service is a select group of people who have agreed to be a local guy.


Nerds! You know you’re probably the guy at least one of your Mother’s friends. If you can change the printer ink, you’re the guy to everyone who doesn’t even care to think about it. Even guys need a guy,

I’m seeing the problem now. My campain may be sunk because I don’t think I can get away without backlash that guy is still being heard and stored as masculine. We tried, but change happens primarily on the way up. The incline side of life’s metaphore, but once you’re over the hill you see everything. 

It really is perfectly compared to living life through your eyes on the surfs forward curl, tipping yourself outreaching like my generation might recall as a literal chrome hood orniment. 

People are going to use it. I’m not confident enough to invent a word and ride my story to kickstart my fame. I suppose that means its time to start the sabatage plans.


YES, I know you can, but nody should be failing at the dream stage. Thats the best thing about the dream stage. You understand the difference between a story and reality. 

Not even close. Our evolution seemed to favour shortcuts and tricks and speed over detail because we have more information about the world. Because we know what to expect from our immediate world, its actually freaking amazing what humans won’t notice.

When I was 19, I was leaving high school reluctantly, because my universe has two seats and it doesn’t seem to do any of the tunnel cool stuff with one seat empty. I just ride along a track.

visual swap-out (groovy)

I’m bringing Groovy back. It just needed the right shade of orange. Way too much of our life is RED vs BLUE. Groovy was shamed a bit because hippys were politicized as the enemy when we were told the stories.

Editorial. In my head, I read the words aloud as I see the thoughts transcribed. I am aware of the concept of self image, and that the number one rule to happiness in mental health is like the Prime Axiom.

It is important to understand you will never be thinking from anyone’s perspective but your own.
We can not concieve the obvious ahead of it’s timeline. When we do, we’re going to be shocked we didn’t figure that out before. I’m really happy with my lifespan’s contributions. Go 63!

I’m in a weird state, but for now it feels so normal that I will try to get stuff done and benefit till I don’t… because… well, I have been feeling great as much from accomplishment and success.I shared again.

It’s been the key. A thumbs up, wink, heart or comment is silent applause. As a human, I adapted quickly. Any sign of positive approval generates a visual smile. I feel smiles. It is my reward and too often blind payment.

“If I was rich, I’d be as poor as I am today. I’d just own a lot more cool shit.”

5:30am Sunday. I’m going to try sleep. 

nope. First.

Pride points. I have 6 or 7 sites I’m actually #prideworthy and #shareworthy 

I hope they are #judgementworthy but I have no control. 



That is the level that scares. I don’t have confidence in my confidence. It’s only had four years to coax a core “1st5” belief. A Canon change.

If I’m lucky, a famespike will not destroy me. I’ve leveled up and understand that hate isn’t really the same as TV is portraying it. I am not hiding my awkwardness. The Library crowd of misfits were my peers. I wonder if every one of that yearbook group felt like a fraud and not worthy, or just me.

I can never know how somebody else is interpreting and saving the moment. I promise you will never fully be able to even comprehend the amount of activity I can actually tune into in a way that is biased by every moment since I was unplugged from the — master? Incubator? Programmer? Creator.

It was dark. Quiet muffled sounds. The usual. The light time seems to have a lot less bouncing each cycle. That’s an improvement. There were a few cycles were I was bouncing from the start of the brightness till quite close to dark time. I hate when something else causes an antificial dark time because it just feels odd. I’m trying to figure out what all these new sensations are and repetion is key.

One day, I believe it was a Monday, ding, 

Perhaps a Thursday. Arthur Dent never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Days really were not what I was calling them at that point anyway. They were simply dark bouncy time. Dark kinds stable time, light bouny time, light kinda stable time, repeat. Ididn’t learn to call it time for a while. It was probablyone of the hardest concepts to wrap my head around because the instant I make the connection of time zones…

I won’t delete the whole paragraph, but I won’t finish it. 


Yes. I am loving DIVI and can see many opportunities. I am optomistic about maintaining this mood with both internal and public drama.

 Hello.  My name is Jeff Goebel, and this is the Orange Shirt Blog

The idea I had was that it could be cool to have a site:

theOrangeSheet.com – TheOrangeSite.com  OrangeShirts.club – almost like the hong kong cavaliers. Like the cub scouts of talents and services in your community, online and around the world. 

Orange Shirts. #earnthesmile

I love the idea. Imagine you move, and that means new TV package and connectiom hassles.

If you have the money, maybe you hire some people. That’s one of the things I don’t like. When your budget gets in the way of the lifestyle from your dream, which I’ve already established, was perfect.

The idea of Timeshare Ari… the agent from Entourage and a great educational example of a mind that obviously is driven by a different motivationl basis.

Humans are not actually the races they appear to be. Humans are bodies that look like the dating pool, and talk like the dating pool and share the 1st5 as a community. Race is irelevant, but understandable because not a lot of communities were going over the big hills and certainly not facing a front line of a diferent shade.

I did not break till now. 6:17am

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