I would say the spirits did it all in one day, as per my memory of the line Scroogle yells out his window, except it wasn’t the spirits. I had lost my Sunday, started into my Monday morning. I was reading and composing replies to my morning email. I was mentally prepping my day. I wish I could remember what it was that triggered my vortex through time, back 24 hours to reclaim the Sunday I assumed was gone. Time usually works that way.

Sometime last night, probably around 3am, the words from a text chat entered my head and I heard “it’s Sunday night”. It was in fact, Saturday night, but when I looked at my phone, it indeed said Sunday April 22. It was Sunday.

At that moment, I obviously got confused without actually realizing it. It seemed more logical to believe I had somehow forgotten an entire day than to see the truth… AM vs PM isn’t a new concept. I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to find the lost day. This was a weekend where I have stayed up since.. whatever day it was this time. I don’t look back. It was conceivable that I had been awake two days instead of one. My awake weekends are almost routine that could be easily forgotten. It’s kind of what happens most weekends. I spend my Saturday in bed many weekends… and then the same Sunday.

This is what made it amazing to actually have accepted it, and then get it back. Imagine dailylight savings time, except once every 40 years, you set the calendar back instead of the clock. You get Feb 30th.

I was overjoyed. Immediately I gave the kid who lives next door some money and sent him into town to buy a Turkey.

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