Second Life Story.

I wished this and I am  now a real sick person about to die. I am now living in this universe with this awareness.

I have chosen to live in this linden home for 24 hours.


Maybe not.

I like it.

The big brother parody home game. It’s you alone.

Hi. This one is me alone.

I think it’s right there for some people.

She laughs because she’s not sure if he’s joking, or really ignorant of something everybody else knows.

Ding homeschooled, no.

Kepthome, yes.


Sharharezad points?


What if vibration in all things was not movement from now to existence.

No. I mean vibration was not here to there in a pattern combination that is all elements.

I used to imagine the less movement are the dieing ones. Existence began with a

Distraction flood. The smart people are the good guys trying to stop me. I can’t exposecsants  expose santa.

Even if I am crazy, let me have it till I can’t find a funny Zeppelin or a shared smile at a two Ronnie’s reference I get.

Example only.

whst if my universe worked for me.

Not original.

But fool.

I can see the appeal of thinking in scripts and how it looks crazy.

I can also see that one might decide not to give that up and scriors turn to a bluff. If I was encouraged, I think I could . Ding



I could.

Enough people paid to lose so you don’t need to live it.


I mean.

Hangbulleyybthrough head.

The game begin and the point don’t make[er.

What was I doing?


Computer, hatchway.


Cekebridy bidder lights up and outches game shows for commuminties online.

Any community world wide.

Ding huh? Goodnight.

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