Pausenblogging, Sunday Night review of Saturday Night Live.

One toke.

This will be written at certain points of the show as I pause and Blog.

I watch the credits and wonder what the longest show opening is. SNL seems longer than an entire Simpsons cartoon opening complete with couchg gag.

bam. timed it perfect.

Deliny looks like a 70s ventriliquist dummy. Is it ok to say that? It seems like roast material.It seems like the kind of mean humour that I try to resist. Its only fair in some cases if the insult is so obvious.. no. 

That was the funniest stnd up I’ve heard in a long time.

I was writing without pause, but his jokes were just needing full attention. I’ll look for that online to share if Bell allows it. Its getting that way.

I’m torn on things like that. One one side I can see the idea behind not wanting a TV Service you profit from paid members, to share the best parts to commoners or Rogers customers.

I shed a tear the day they let tv providers own exclusive channels. It was the start of the decline of YV.

First Sketch gave me several laughs.

The classroom sketch was filled with lessons and political comentary. Sharper humour than usual.

The whole sketch was based on a boner joke.

I have never experienced that. A spontanious boner. I have had to work for every boner, with touch. It has been more about the feeling than the sex. I didn’t use porn.

I do now, but still different.


Next sketch long parody of ?

The Lobster musical was hilarious and well done.

I did’t even know it was a parody.  Le Mis did he say?

I paused for a long while as i searched to see if there was a way for WordPress to reset all the post dates to the original creation date. Because of my merge, many old posts have appeared recent and that is an actual probblem because the story is progressive and my most recent posts are more reflective of my current state of ignored emergency. 

Tomorrow is the new D Day… Doom.

ahhhhh… but that’s tomorrow and it seems I can sleep tonight.

I probably should not have said that.

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