Im alway a little gun shy to over enjoy things that people around me don’t. I am finding what is happening on this soinning earth fascinating. I most enjoy being a spectator of it all, and do that thing i do that those who interact with yiu have to choose. Is jeff too crazy we can no longer …

I choose to not finish all the sentenses. I want my rest attempt but that not really a mystery duscivery was exactky what it needed to be. Inconclusive simpky means you have to try sgain. Some of the most addictive drugs people lose their firtunes to, and they dont even get high. They dont even feel good.

Im still in the syages where the good whitewashes… I stop and cgoose to not use tom sawyercrefernces even though the base shared stiry of the kid who invented a way to have people excited to do his job.

I loved that stiry because i was in the oroduction of tom sawyer in grade 8.

A pop up video licensed grsphic and sound appear pending a deal. It reads in the usa, the norm is 8th grade. In my area, Grade 8. This was a more exciting oiece of trivia in my head.

Once apon a time, I posted a message on my social stage. It was July 1st. Inposted something like

The Calendar calls this holiday Canada Day but i always like to celebratevit as Happy Not America Day. A light jab i did not anticipate.

Big our entire exustance is the result of the parties that decuded to give up trying to win.

Continenys languages and local diakects and coloquiaksm are badges of oride to signify they have not fallen.

Ding. The highlander was known by his clan. If everything is timeless, then

Overflow. I was standing in the grand lobby of some hotel although the stiry was dancing. There was a hollywood musical style staurcase that wrapped around the front desk like a stair hug.

Thstairs turn into roots of a giant treee and its now that green novelty tourits restaurant that has an ekephant scaring me iut of place every x minutes.

The roots start to shake like roots and vines making a taoestry of misdirection from the upper branches to the ground like the skin of a flying bat. The tree us dancing.

It is dubstep. I am on acid.

The man behind tge tree is retyrning to be the man apparently repeating his qhestion a third time.


Nope. The grand stiry appears to be told but always with a dustraction so it can vanish and let you choose. Anger or hilarity?

In my exploration to check iut as many new thoughts as i can, because


The longer i live, tge more i get to watch the world do the same thing over and over again exoecting dufferent resukts.. life is all loops. From the changing sunsets to the cekebrations of our orbit that is wrong but ekelivant. Every closed loop can be the connection that lights up s memory and allows you to understand the other side of the stirues you remember from your loop.

I only remember a few embarasing reakizatiins so far behind others that it becomes a new sore soot to toss verbal didgeballs right at.

Bedause those eere the days when i was clearly a let down. This is hiwvi have oieced tige.

My mind loved the feeling of the instant it ckicks.. im no stranger to actualy letting the wow flow. Im not sure i have a level below wow. I remember not knowing about homosexuality at all. I dont believe i knew it was a thing, but all of a sudden somebody broke through the salt at the door and said it was ok to put it on the naughty list.

At some ooint long before the more famous fiunding fathers write their stiry to be used as a base set of guudelibes of things on the other side of your personal libe.

Much like centre square on bingo, things like telling lies, speeding, and sheaking out the windiw when both mom and dad said no, even thiugh you used that trick that has worked fiur times flawlessly as an adult you realize it otobabky didnt work twice.

We set our own lines o…


Fuck. My computervreboitedcagain ferris beuller has been pissing me off. I guess i keep triggeribg a gifvsearch ith a bad key miss and the default is his smug facecrotate.

Im glad i got to respect myself and believe it enough to admit to it in oublic without secretly terrified

Im tired. I shoukd be.

Im bad.

Did i write.

Im orange jeff. Therecwerectwo mikestones i saw coming decades in advance, and i held the belief i would have it figured out by 42. 4cwas giing to be a good year.

43 worked even better i said, because my stiry is partially about missing out on everything because i needed to be asked twice. Thevfirstvtimevyou ask, its to know if im coming. Its not a reqyest i can say yes to firvyou. The firstvask is a choice. Do i take that firk in the stream with you, or choose no because safe and content bests whst coukd be.

Logic we dint get without tge exoetience if life loops. Our brain is wired to see connections everywhere, even where none exist. Its like a bearcat 450 with a Comspec Mod so you can make my boss rich dusabling the block on the frequencues needed to be a tow truck freelancer competing in tironto.

My senses are always ready.

I was scatteredctonight. Im getting excited and want to enjoy it as long as i can because tge dark wave if negativity will crush it soon.

Wait… Is that voice just withdrawl?

Am i caught in the loop of my father, a drugnk. Ding newcwird.

Last thoughts. I made a 22vyear old crush in me, and then i crushed her with my truth. Im a gerry garcia imoersonatir with no money, a broken car, debtt and

Well aclong list of white trash drug loser.

The polar extreme of my goal. In my head, i alwaysctrued firvoerfect, but

Wave 1. Like the chimes in tge thestre to plitly signify intermission is over. Come back fir act two.

It was fun.

Befruending a 22 year old, who forcall i know, wascac52 year old employee at a gricery stire in north york.

The only way to survive the revolutions weve been teaching everyone were all a success and well evebtually firgive. Usa is breeding enemies on purpose.


You may have heard abiut the oracrice of gerrymandering, or garrymandering if you want to be in the search as unique.

Bam. Spam is horribky soelt because if i email 17 million addresses and two days ir weeks later i can google a love letter with spelling wirse than.

I hate it really thinks wirse is acwird i use

This is wirst keyboard. Omg. I look like

Can that be a thing? Byoa

If its clear without an analigy but yoyre so used to endingcsetencse with a second half following tge wird like.

Its unacceotable.

Oh. Funny fail. 100% unrelated way to talk into acreliable camera for over an hour. And still not have audio. No manycam. No windiws. I have fiubd enough wats to recird hours of sikent philosoohy

End. This is almost the print version of a bad connection. A fkicjering liggtbulb.

I hooe its nit like survivor.lightbulbs mean life

End. 237am sat

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