I didn’t have any fanfare, or even an announcement (till now) but I guess it is official. This is the new home for Orange Jeff and the Orange Shirt Blogs. I had been flipping back and forth between several blogs posting drug related messages on ones and sober blog posts on others. 

In truth, nobody is really reading these anyway, and so for my enjoyment I decided they should all be in one place, and for now at least mostly public. I put a few behind passwords but I really don’t know what I want to do.
I enjoy the blogging process and as much as I would like encouragement and praise and a comment or two that lets me know I’m not crazy, I think the reality is – I am a bit crazy and perhaps it’s better to blog in private and not be so public. I take drugs. Currently, and for the forseeable future, that is a crime, and blogging while stoned on various narcotics and talking about them is probably not a thing I want to be in the public eye, especially while I still hold a job of responsability.
I’m messed up and it’s probably best not to share that with everyone.
I’m in a state of change… but stuck. I don’t actually change that much day to day or even year to year. In many ways, I have not grown up since that magical age of 27. I’m an old 27 year old.
It will at least be nice to have my posts in one place, although the mergin seems to have ignored original post dates, which is a real confusing shame. Keep that in mind if you’re reading something that has a posted date of April 13th 2018 but it seems to be talking about Thanksgiving dinner. I know our holiday dates sometimes confuse Americans, but trust me when I say our Thanksgiving is not in April. We are Canadian though, so we say thank you a lot. EVery day s thanks giving in Canada… and I’m sorry about that. It’s kind of our thing. An image of politeness is a cool one to have around the world. To be known as the country that says I’m sorry when you bump into them is a nice reputation.
Sorry to everyone else.

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