i could take an antihitimine to clear my nasil. it makes me sleepy,


that could also be what kills me. my watch has my heartbeats. very fast.

limbs tingle and twitch.

its gonna suck

im that kid in the grocery store

you dont undrstand.  ding

thats what she said.



You know what? breath write strips are really cool to wear when your nose might glog up.

i wih i had some.

wish. that typo was so the data miners can use that quote and mine wont be copyright.

big corportations tweaking autocirrect and stealing stories.

its possible without even beung a hacker.  blogs have gems 

frogs have legs

oh my god, i do have some weird terrets ocd. 

My friend sked me if…. too tired. maybe video,

crowd funded project. tv studio daiy show in sl

I own two goood domains

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