I did some work on the format of the blog tonight from bed after a few tokes. I’d worked on client sites since about 3pm and managed an hour of fake sleep in there for a bit, but I’m eager to make this blog a little nicer. 

I am learning every time I use it. I think I understand that Categories are better used in dividually. The blogs should have a single category, and multiple tags… not 5 categories.

I also learned that the masonary cards I’m using on all the preview and archive pages was picking the exact same featured image for over 1000 posts because they all had the same categories chosen in the same order.

I’m happy with what I’ve done, and I’ll have more to do again next time. Despite snorting more than usual with intent to stay up and be productive this Friday 4/20 I think I’ve trasitioned into the next phase of my addiction. A morning snort when I started, would keep me awake all night if I didn’t do any more.

Now a snort seems to last about 6 hours and fades off… I probably still wouldn’t need more to stay awake, but when I add in the strong Indica shatter I toke on at night, I can usually handle some sleep.

We’ll see.  It’s 11:42pm now and I’m still quite alert.

The world needs more lerts.

I coldn’t find the BA-DUM-DA snare drum I wanted to insert here, but I’m not sure that really expresses “bad joke’ like that one, so I am happier with the compromise than the one I gave up looking for. That’s how I survive. Always be happy with the NOW.

I guess I’m still struggling with the sharing to friends and family. It’s not perfect. 

Oh well… It’s done. Its here to ignore. Just the way I like it.

end of this part.

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