It’s a Christmas miracle.

On the eve of the fall of the second pillar of the structure of my life. As I am flooding my memory holosuite imagination with the dissapointment of those I let down fills me with a credit I have caused. I’m booking the internals before I need to.

I’m sure everyone else in my universe. I lick them to claim them.

I think that line does not quite fit here but an image of the cards against humanity white card that says that is a perfect accent.

One of the problem with lacing my monolgue with direct steals from pop culture is that the people who don’t know the references probably don’t know they are teferences ding and you come off crazy.

One last thing before

Nope. Lost it. I remembered the red light get off the stage bulb at yuk yuk’s. I wonder how the buzzer came about.

Suddenly an improvement crew emerge and reinact how it might have gone. Blackout.

A distinct voice from the audience yells, what the fuck just happened?

The lights come on and this whole blog was an audition for the cast.

I never stopped. I never changed the keyboard. I’m in the main mose.


P.s. the miracle was finding the long distance gram of sativa and while I ignored the doom, money magically appeared in my account to avert the canoe going down.

My analogy should have been a kayak. I chose banoe. I never could say the letter b.

End. Please.

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